How To Shuck An Oyster

Learn how to shuck an oyster with our our step by step instructions below.  To make things even easier our oyster shucking expert Angelo Conti has prepared a video for you as well!  Shucking oysters is easier than you think and it only takes a couple minutes to learn.  It is really fun and easy to do, we hope that you enjoy your fresh oysters at home!

What You'll Need:

How To Shuck An Oyster Video

Video from Maine Lobster Now coming soon!

Oyster Shucking Instructions:

1. Prepare to shuck! Be careful to not hurt yourself, use the correct gear. A proper oyster shucking knife without too sharp of a point and a towel or puncture resistant glove. Using a towel and a hard surface is safest.

2. Start opening your oyster by placing the tip of the blade in the hinge of the oyster at a slight downward angle. Don't push hard with your knife! Wiggle the knife and apply steady pressure, you'll feel the hinge pop. Don't try to lift the top shell off yet.

3. Once you have popped the hinge, you then need to slide your knife along the underside of the top shell, cutting the abductor muscle. Make sure to keep your knife right up against the top shell, otherwise you will mangle the oyster. You can now remove the top shell completely.

4. Freeing the oyster from its bottom shell is the final step. To do this, you have to run your knife underneath the abductor muscle of the oyster and gently cut it from the bottom shell.

5. You are now ready to enjoy your oyster!