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All our crab products are responsibly sourced in line with all federal and international catch rules, and will arrive fresh at your door as if they just came off the landing dock.  You can choose from Jonah, snow, or Dungeness crab meat.


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Jonah Crab Leg Meat - 1 lb - Maine Lobster Now
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Jonah Crab Leg Meat
Snow Crab Leg Meat - 8 oz. - Maine Lobster Now
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Snow Crab Leg Meat - 8 oz.
Dungeness Crab Meat - 1 lb. - Maine Lobster Now
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Dungeness Crab Meat - 1 lb.
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Shop Snow Crab Leg Meat From Maine Lobster Now!

Snow crab leg meat from Maine Lobster Now is an exceptional choice for numerous reasons. Our snow crab legs are carefully sourced from the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada, renowned for its pristine waters and high-quality seafood. By selecting our snow crab leg meat, you're guaranteed to enjoy the exquisite taste and texture of this delicacy without the inconvenience of shelling the meat yourself. We take great care in hand-selecting and preparing the crab leg meat, ensuring that it meets our rigorous standards of excellence.

Moreover, snow crab leg meat has been rapidly gaining popularity among food enthusiasts due to its succulent flavor and versatility in culinary applications. Many of our customers have shared their culinary creations with us, including innovative dishes like homemade snow crab leg rolls. These testimonials highlight the satisfaction and enjoyment that our premium snow crab leg meat brings to the dining experience.

Whether you're indulging in a sumptuous crab leg roll or relishing the sweet, tender meat on its own, Maine Lobster Now's snow crab leg meat promises an unforgettable culinary journey every time.

Extreme Flavor Delivered Right to Your Door - Try A Jonah Crab Dip!

Looking for top-quality Jonah Crab Leg Meat? Look no further than Maine Lobster Now! Sourced from the pristine waters of Maine, our Jonah Crab Leg Meat guarantees premium flavor and freshness. With its sweet and succulent taste, it's a must-have for seafood lovers everywhere.

But what sets our Jonah Crab Leg Meat apart? Its incredible versatility! Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, there are endless ways to enjoy this delectable meat. Try it plain for a pure, satisfying taste experience, or elevate your meals by incorporating it into your favorite recipes.

Looking for inspiration? Whip up a crowd-pleasing Jonah crab dip that's perfect for entertaining guests or enjoy it on a classic split-top bun for a taste of authentic New England cuisine. From crab cakes to pasta dishes and salads, the possibilities are endless with Maine Lobster Now's Jonah Crab Leg Meat.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Order your Jonah Crab Leg Meat from Maine Lobster Now today and elevate your culinary creations to new heights!