Jonah Crab

Our Jonah Crab is sustainably fished and shipped to your home directly from Maine. We offer cocktail claws, large claws, and lump meat. Place your Jonah crab order today and enjoy this delicious seafood favorite at home.


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Jonah Crab Cakes - 2 x 3 oz - Maine Lobster Now
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Jonah Crab Cakes - 2 x 3 oz
Jonah Crab Leg Meat - 1 lb - Maine Lobster Now
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Jonah Crab Leg Meat
Jonah Crab Claws - 2 lbs - Maine Lobster Now
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Jonah Crab Claws - 2 lbs

Enjoy Jonah Crab — Shipped Overnight to Your Door

Bring the authentic flavors of the North Atlantic coastline straight to your doorstep with our Jonah Crab selections. We responsibly source our Jonah Crab in the cold waters of Nova Scotia and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, though we also work with local fisheries in Maine whenever possible.

Our wild-caught Jonah Crab sports quite the versatility in the kitchen: the leg meat is perfect for incorporating into Crab Rolls or pasta dishes, and the claws and crab cakes make for a memorable appetizer or dish for any sort of party occasion. Even better yet, you can choose the exact date you want your premium seafood to be delivered to your front door.

The Nutritional Benefits of Jonah Crab are Exceptional

Jonah Crab Meat is a high-protein meat source that comes packed with vitamins and minerals. Like other shellfish and seafood we sell, crab could be added to the growing list of “superfoods” health experts recommend. Crab meat offers a whopping 16 grams of protein per 3 oz. serving.

Jonah Crab Meat also contains vitamins B12 and C, and the antioxidants zinc and selenium. Zinc helps support bone mass and immune function, while selenium aids in preventing cellular damage. And there’s more. Crabmeat is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower inflammation and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

See how Jonah Crab plays into your healthy diet:

  • Keto: When you eat based on the ketogenic diet, you essentially eliminate nearly all sources of carbohydrates. Say goodbye to bread, rice, grains and pastas. Fortunately, Jonah Crab contains zero carbs. This means you can feel free to eat it along with other no-carb meats and seafood. No matter how strictly you stick to your keto diet, savory Jonah Crab Meat can play a part on your plate.
  • Low-carb: Not quite ready to completely cut out carbs? You can always opt for more of a low-carb diet. Again, Jonah Crab Meat is low-carb friendly and fills you up without filling you out. Be sure to limit any breading on your crab when preparing your low-carbohydrate meals.
  • Paleo: The paleo diet encourages followers to eat foods as our agrarian ancestors would have done. In other words, go for fresh and unprocessed. Seafood is allowed on paleo, which is great news if you thought you might have to give up the crab you adore. Our Jonah Crab for sale comes right from the North Atlantic Sea, is packed fresh, and blast-frozen without preservatives. Feel amazing with every bite!
  • Mediterranean: Many studies have suggested that people who eat foods found in and around the Mediterranean Sea tend to be healthier and have lower cholesterol and risk of some diseases. The Mediterranean diet is based on the eating lifestyle of people living in Greece, Italy and surrounding areas. As such, it promotes seafood heavily, including shellfish like our mouth-watering Jonah Crab.
  • Whole30: Although Whole30 is more of a cleanse than a long-term diet plan, it too is friendly toward the consumption of Jonah Crab, as well as other seafood.

You Deserve Nothing but the Best Jonah Crab

Authenticity is exactly what it’s all about here at Maine Lobster Now. Why would you want it any other way? We are transparent about where we source all of our premium seafood options, and we take tremendous pride in our sustainability efforts to ensure the long-term population of our seafood. Not only does this help out the aquatic environment, but it also allows us to support thousands of independently owned businesses and fishermen (and women) throughout Maine and the North Atlantic Coast.

Basically, what we are saying is that when you order genuine seafood products from Maine Lobster Now, you are also supporting the environment and thousands of hard-working individuals and businesses throughout Maine. Now, that’s a win-win situation!