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Shop from our wide variety of our Stonewall Kitchen collection.  Did you know both Maine Lobster Now and Stonewall Kitchen were both highlighted in the Maine Google Economic impact report?  We love their products and you will too!


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Why Did We Partner With Stonewall Kitchen?

Maine Lobster Now chose Stonewall Kitchen Mayo not only for its exceptional quality, rich flavor, and reputation for excellence but also because both companies are Maine-based, sharing a commitment to delivering the finest culinary experiences rooted in the rich maritime heritage of the region. As a company deeply rooted in Maine's coastal traditions, we understand the importance of using premium ingredients to enhance the flavor of our seafood offerings.

Stonewall Kitchen Mayo, crafted with the same dedication to quality and authenticity, perfectly complements our lobster dishes, adding a delicious richness and depth of flavor. By partnering with Stonewall Kitchen, another esteemed Maine-based company with a long history of producing gourmet products, we can ensure that our customers receive only the best mayo to accompany our premium seafood offerings. Together, our shared values of quality, authenticity, and a love for the flavors of Maine create an unforgettable culinary experience for seafood enthusiasts everywhere.

Maine Seafood Rub By Stonewall Kitchen

Elevate your seafood dishes with Stonewall Kitchen's Seafood Rub, a versatile seasoning blend crafted to enhance the natural flavors of your favorite catch. Perfect for blackening Icelandic haddock and cod loins, simply coat the fish generously before cooking for a bold and flavorful crust. Sprinkle over raw Pacific shrimp for a burst of flavor before grilling, baking, or sautéing. This rub is incredibly versatile and can be used with a wide range of seafood, from scallops to lobster, crab, and more. With Stonewall Kitchen's Seafood Rub, adding delicious flavor to your seafood creations has never been easier.

The History Of Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen has a rich history that dates back to 1991 when founders Jonathan King and Jim Stott began selling jams and jellies at local farmers' markets in New England. What started as a small operation quickly grew into a business known for its high-quality gourmet products. Driven by their passion for cooking and a commitment to using the finest ingredients, Jonathan and Jim expanded their product line to include a variety of specialty foods, sauces, and baking mixes. Stonewall Kitchen gained popularity, selling its products through specialty food stores and gourmet shops across the country. Today, Stonewall Kitchen remains a trusted name, known for its delicious offerings crafted with care and attention to detail.