Atlas Glove 620 Atlas Vinylove 12" Double Dipped Gloves

Easy Handling of Lobsters
Great For Oyster Shucking
12 Inch Gloves


Atlas rubber gloves are ideal for both lobstering and oyster shucking due to their durability, excellent grip, and waterproof nature. They offer protection against cuts from sharp shells and knives, and their flexibility ensures good dexterity for precise movements. Additionally, the gloves' comfort and resistance to chemicals make them suitable for prolonged use in both tasks, enhancing efficiency and safety for lobstermen and oyster shuckers alike. These qualities make Atlas gloves a preferred choice for all Maine watermen, who rely on them for various demanding marine activities.

The gloves also provide excellent protection when handling sharp king crab, shielding hands from the crab's spiky legs and claws.

For customers who plan on shucking a lot of shellfish or are a bit squeamish when it comes to handling live lobsters, these gloves make a great addition for a safe and fun seafood dining experience. Grab these gloves now!