Looking for hard to find food from Maine?  We got it!  From Jordan's red hot dogs to Fox Family Potato chips are your source for specialty Maine food!


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Create a Maine Inspired Gift Basket

Whether you’re sending a little taste of Maine to a friend or family member, you can start with authentic Maine food. Bundle up locally grown produce or send a box of Jordan's red hot dogs, the choice is yours! Pair any live lobster or create your own Maine food gift basket!

Big 'Ol Brioche Rolls by Fantini

Hey this one comes from Boston but we don't even care. They are so good! Close enough! These rolls replaced our New England style rolls due to high demand! We have some customers that buy these in bulk, we know you'll love these for your lobster rolls or hot dog rolls.

A Side Of Seaweed

Freshly picked off the coast of the state, Maine Seaweed effortlessly finishes up a classic lobster bake. To experience the original taste of lobster, you won’t want to pass up on the opportunity for an authentic taste by foregoing the addition of seaweed! An authentic experience of our Maine lobster meal wouldn’t be complete without the buttery flavor of a fresh ear of corn. Much like our red potatoes, our corn is grown within the state of Maine to provide the freshest farm ingredients for your dinner. Whether its straight off the cob or included in one of your favorite recipes, our locally-produced corn is a favorite staple of traditional family gatherings and barbeques.

The Classical Bread and Butter

Top off an over the top Maine meal experience with our new brioche style buns. Pack your rolls with our fresh lobster meat and top it all off with a melted drizzle of Kate’s butter. If you’re seeking a new flair to the classic lobster roll taste, try creating our modern lobster roll featuring lime juice, crispy bacon, avocado and mayonnaise.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

After enjoying a satisfying — and salty — dinner meal, feel free to unleash your sweet tooth. Our classic Maine whoopie pies are to die for. Labadie's Bakery has been in business since 1925 and baked the first whoopie pie in Maine!