Lobster Roll Kits

Just when you thought you could only get a lobster or crab roll on the coast, we’re here to offer full lobster roll meal kits and crab roll kits delivered fresh right to your door. Each kit comes with everything you need: rolls, mayo, butter, potato chips, and of course the star of the meal, fresh lobster or crab meat. Have your full meal kit delivered to you anywhere in the United States.


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Order Lobster Rolls Online From Maine Lobster Now

The lobster roll is a delicacy — a must-have at many parties, picnics, events and casual dinners. At Maine Lobster Now, we offer super-easy lobster roll kits delivered right to your door, allowing you to enjoy the taste of Maine lobster rolls without traveling all the way to Maine.

Only Fresh, Genuine Maine Lobster in Our Lobster Rolls

Some companies use frozen Canadian lobster meat and call it Maine lobster in their lobster rolls, but not Maine Lobster Now. We’ve spent more than 30 years building a reputation as a trustworthy supplier of genuine Maine lobster. Each day, we purchase wild-caught lobsters from anglers working in and around Portland, Maine. Our lobsters are hand-selected and handled humanely.

Taste true Maine lobster in every one of our lobster rolls.

Maine Lobster Rolls Add a Splash of Sophistication

Although lobster rolls are often considered a more laid-back type of meal, their main ingredient adds a dash of sophistication. After all, lobster is one of the true delicacies of the world. At Maine Lobster Now, our Maine lobster rolls are shipped quickly after you order them, so you can receive them in time for your event.

Guaranteed to Satisfy — No Exceptions

As you read the testimonials from customers who love our lobster rolls, you’ll see why we’re passionate about the industry we love. We aim to exceed expectations for every person who buys and eats our lobster and seafood products.

Make Maine Lobster Rolls at Home

If you’re new to making Maine lobster rolls, our kits make the process very simple. Every lobster roll you order from us comes with the items you need to make your meal. We even include chips and mayo. Families love to create Maine lobster rolls together — it’s a fun project for kids, too.

Get Your Lobster Rolls Where the Restaurants Shop

We sell lobster rolls to some of the best restaurants in Maine, such as the Lobster Shack at Two Lights.

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights was featured on “Man vs. Food,” so you know it’s a place with a great reputation. Another of our clients is the Portland Lobster Company, which was voted to have Portland’s Best Lobster Roll by the Portland Phoenix.

Find out why Maine Lobster Now has such a tremendous following — order enough lobster rolls online for everyone in your party!