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Along with your seafood favorites, you can also place an online order for premium black angus steaks. Choose from cuts like boneless ribeye, filet mignon, and more. Our steaks are restaurant quality and pair perfectly with Maine lobster.


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Enjoy Black Angus Prime Steak Shipped To Your Door

Not only do we know seafood, but we know beef. Julian's family was originally from Kansas and his grandfather and great grandfather were ranchers. The only reason we sell seafood now is because we are in Maine. In the early 1900s Klenda Angus Beef was well into production. We know the best beef comes from Black Angus, which is why it is the only beef we sell. We also only sell prime beef, the highest grade available. To take it step further we only sell 21 day aged beef. Once we receive these steaks we nitrogen freeze them and lock in the flavor. These are no grocery store steak and they are the #1 item purchased and taken home by our employees!

What is the USDA Grading Scale?

The USDA Grading Scale is highly regarded as the top grading scale for measuring the safety and quality of American Beef. The beef is evaluated by highly skilled USDA meat graders using a subjective assessment process and electronic instruments to measure meat characteristics.

USDA Beef graders are primarily looking for two things; quality grades for tenderness, juiciness, and flavor; and yield grades for the amount of usable lean meat.

  • USDA Prime: Produced from young, well-fed beef cattle. It has abundant marbling (fine threads of fat), resulting in more flavor, moisture, and tenderness. This cut is usually only sold in restaurants, and upscale hotels as only the top 5% of all beef earn the industry rating of USDA Prime.
  • USDA Choice: This beef is still very high in quality but ranks lower on the grading scale in terms of marbling relative to prime. 70% of beef is graded choice.
  • USDA Select: Select beef is uniform in quality and typically leaner than the higher grades. It is relatively tender, but because it has less marbling than prime and choice, it may lack the juiciness and flavor the higher grades have. 25% of beef is graded select.

Hand Picked Steaks Shipped To You

Want some steak you can actually be proud of? We only select steak you would grab yourself. We know what to look for when it comes to a quality steak and quality pack. Our tight quality control standards prevent poor packaging, mishandled, or other problematic items from entering your box. You can trust us with your steak, you're in good hands!