Wholesale Live Lobster & Lobster Meat

Together we can help you plan, manage and optimize the wholesale buying experience. Take advantage of wholesale rates and fast efficient delivery.

As one of the most trusted distributors of fresh and frozen seafood in New England, you can expect quality products, competitive pricing and superior service. For questions, feel free to email our Wholesale Team at angelo@mainelobsternow.com

Live Lobster Wholesale

As native Maine residents, we have deep roots in the lobster community. Our owner has been wholesaling lobsters with his father all through his childhood. We buy direct from lobster men and wharves in Maine so you get the freshest wild-caught product. Our cold-water holding tank purges all the lobsters before they are sent. By lowering our water temperature to 34 degrees we can drop the core temperature of the lobsters in order to maximize the life span in transit. We have reduced shipping rates because of our retail volume so we offer rock bottom shipping rates. We ship more small parcels than any wholesaler so we can offer the lowest rates on small parcel shipments(UPS/FedEx). We also process our lower grade lobsters into meat so only the top grade of product is shipped out. You are getting a premium product delivered at rock bottom costs with Maine Lobster Now.

Maine Lobster Meat Wholesale

Lobster meat is our specialty. Julian Klenda, the owner, grew up picking lobsters and processing lobsters his entire life. With his 20 years experience in processing we have the best wholesale lobster meat on the market. Our facility is above HACCP and FDA standards for lobster meat processing. We make our lobster meat on site so we can fulfill any wholesale request. Many lobster companies buy from other processors and simply distribute; we, however, are licensed to buy lobsters direct from the wharf, pick them here, and distribute meat to you. Our lobster meat has less water and yields higher usable meat per pound of meat than anyone. You'll also see a lot of dead or rotten lobsters being processed in the market, and we don't. We process our lobsters as a proactive value add meat program, not a loss recovery program. We do not use preservatives and additives so your customers are getting a 100% all natural product.

Maine Lobster Tails Wholesale

As a licensed distributor for all Maine lobster tails and oversize tails, we can offer more than the competition. We can stock up on all size tails during production times and stock them away until you need them. We have a variety of homarus americanus lobster tails from 3 ounce up to 36 ounce. We carry only nitrogen blast frozen non-stick lobster tails, so your customers aren't paying for brine or other solutions that run up the weight of the product. With our rock bottom shipping costs you'll want to keep us in mind for your wholesale lobster tail needs.

King Crab Legs Wholesale

As one of the largest retailers online for king crab legs, we have a ton of inventory of king crab legs available on the east coast. We order in such high volumes and get the best rates on freight to the east coast, we can offer competitive pricing on king crab nation wide. Additionally we have king crab legs when other large king crab producers run out of inventory. We offer a variety of sizes and offer red and Golden varieties.