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Broken Tail "Culls" Bundle Pack - 3 lbs - Maine Lobster Now
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Alaskan Snow Crab Leg Pieces - 1 lb - Maine Lobster Now
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Alaskan Snow Crab Leg Pieces - 1 lb
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1 lb Live Maine Lobster - Maine Lobster Now
1 lb Live Maine Lobster
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Who Doesn't Love A Good Deal? Maine Lobster Processing Season

At the peak of production, our internal facilities are running at maximum capacity, efficiently processing large quantities of Maine Lobsters to extract their succulent meat and tails. Our state-of-the-art nitrogen freezer tunnel ensures optimal preservation of freshness and flavor, maintaining the high quality our customers expect.

What Does This Mean For You?

Our primary focus in lobster processing revolves around ensuring the highest standards of quality and presentation for our tails, recognizing the investment customers make when purchasing them online. Following a thorough quality inspection, we meticulously grade the tails according to size and appearance. Any tails with missing flippers or blemishes undergo separate sorting, ultimately being included in our Broken Tail Cull Pack

The Broken Tail Cull Pack By Maine Lobster Now

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Maine Lobster without breaking the bank with our Broken Tail Cull Pack. Perfect for budget-conscious seafood lovers, this option delivers the same premium quality and flavor you expect from our lobster tails, but at an unbeatable value. Act fast to secure your order, as this sought-after item flies off the shelves!

Red King Crab Bulk Pack - Shop Crab Cheap

We meticulously inspect each delivery of king crab to ensure that only full leg segments and claws meet our quality standards for our current King Crab leg listings. However, what happens to the remaining portions?

King Crab Leg Segments, Knuckles and Claws Bulk Pack

We carefully package these perfectly good king crab pieces and offer them at discounted prices to our most discerning crab enthusiasts. This presents an opportunity to enjoy one of the most expensive crab species on the market at a lower cost. For Maine Lobster lovers, this pack offers an excellent chance to sample king crab affordably. Add one of these portions to your next Maine Lobster Now order and elevate your seafood experience!