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Seafood Guides

  1. Father's Day Seafood Gift Guide

    Father's Day Seafood Gift Guide

    When Father's Day comes around each year many of us are left wondering how we can really make it clear to our dads how special they are. Why not tell him with seafood? After all, the saying goes that the best way to reach a man's heart is through his stomach. In this seafood gift guide we will share all of the best seafood ingredients that you can gift dad this year.  

    A Father's Day Seafood Gift from Maine

    Whether your dad enjoys being the chef, or you want to treat him to a home cooked meal, a gift of Maine Lobster Now fresh seafood is sure to leave a lasting impression.

    Fresh Live Lobster

    Ranging in size from 1 to 15 pounds each, our live lobsters provide both a fun cooking experience and a delicious New England style meal. We ship our live lobsters overnight,

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  2. Snow Crab vs. King Crab

    Snow Crab vs. King Crab

    After deciding you want to add crab to an upcoming menu, one choice still remains. Which kind? Snow crab and King crab are two of the most popular options available. Both provide that classic sweet white meat with shades of crimson we are all familiar with. The meat primarily comes from the legs in both. You can even prepare them the same way.


    So what are the differences between Snow crab and King crab? Why choose one over the other? We can help you out in making that decision. Just consider these key differences to make a choice that will suite your specific preferences and needs.


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  3. A Man's Guide to Valentine's Day Dinner

    A Man's Guide to Valentine's Day Dinner

    With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be starting to panic. You've decided to skip restaurant reservations and host dinner at home this year, but you have no idea where to begin. On the one hand, you want to pamper your valentine and make her feel extra special. On the other hand, you're concerned you'll pick the wrong flowers, burn the cookies or forget the champagne. Take a deep breath – we're here to help and tell you that you can definitely pull this off on Valentine's Day. 

    There are many benefits to hosting your Valentine's Day dinner at home. You can make the atmosphere as romantic as you desire or kick back and relax c

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  4. Seafood and Liquor Pairings

    Seafood and Liquor Pairings

    We all know white wine pairs well with seafood, but what other liquors are a good choice for Maine seafood feast? Although liquor may be trickier to pair with food than wine, it is possible to find the right match. 

    To town down the alcohol content, which has the potential to overpower seafood, you can opt to serve the liquor in a cocktail. Cocktails often look as fun as they taste, too, which makes them perfect for setting a festive mood. In this post, we'll provide liquor pairing ideas for a variety

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  5. Lobster Side Dishes

    Lobster Side Dishes

    Are you planning a special lobster dinner but don't know what sides to serve? There's no need to worry – when it comes to lobster sides, less is more. The lobster will be the shining centerpiece of the meal, and the side dishes should enhance the lobster's rich, sweet flavor. In other words, a sumptuous lobster dinner can be uncomplicated and thrown together with little time and effort. 12 dishes and sides you can pair with lobster:

    1. Steamed clams or mussels
    2. Potato Salad
    3. Pasta Salad
    4. Fresh salad
    5. Coleslaw
    6. Clam Chowder
    7. Corn on or off the cob
    8. Mac and cheese
    9. Cheesy biscuits
    10. Crusty loaf of bread (or similar)
    11. Veggie Fries
    12. Champagne

    Maine lobster is commonly served with boiled corn on the cob, potatoes and a side of melted butter. Nevertheless, you can still have fun making a complete feast with a variety of simple sides. Let's look at the best side d

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  6. Quick Scallop Guide

    Quick Scallop Guide

    Our Guide to Types and Sizes of Scallops

    Here at Maine Lobster Now we have decided to expand our options for the always popular Sea Scallops

    We would like to provide some information about these intricate creatures.
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