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  1. Opillio Vs. Bairdi Alaskan Snow Crab - The Difference Explained

    Opilio Vs. Bairdi - Lets Talk Snow Crab


    Snow crab is beloved for its extraordinarily long, easy-to-crack legs. Although harvested in icy waters off the coast of Alaska, Snow crab gets its name from its flavorful meat, which turns to a snowy white when cooked. With a delicate texture, sweet taste and leg shells that can be easily cracked open with just your hands, it is easy to see why Alaska Snow crab has so many fans! This market name of “Snow Crab” actually refers to a few different sub

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  2. Father's Day Seafood Gift Guide

    Father's Day Seafood Gift Guide

    As they say, "The best way to reach a man's heart is through his stomach." This Father's Day, show Dad how special he is with some extra special food! If your dad loves seafood, browse our Father’s Day seafood gift guide for plenty of inspiration Dad would love to get his claws - err hands - on.

    This year, you can give Dad a gift that fights b

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  3. Show Some Mussel: How High-Tech Machines Are Bringing Seafood to Your Home

    mussel farming

    The thought might not cross your mind when chowing down on a pile of mussels, but it takes a lot to get those little shellfish from the ocean to your dinner table. Mussel farming sustainably is one challenge without over-fishing. Doing it and making a profit is another challenge altogether.

    Food blog Eater took a trip up here to Portland, Maine, to one of our sources for mussels,

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  4. Long Arm of the Claw: The Difference Between King Crab vs. Snow Crab

    Long Arm of the Claw: The Difference Between King Crab vs. Snow Crab

    When it comes down to it, would you know the difference between king crab and snow crab if you saw it on the menu? Maybe if you order crab a lot, but casual seafood eaters might not be able to tell the difference. We’re here to answer all the questions you may have.


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  5. Guide to Maine Lighthouses and Seafood

    Guide to Maine Lighthouses and Seafood

    Maine has 65 historic lighthouses still standing along nearly 5,000 miles of rugged coastline. This means that lighthouses are as emblematic of summertime in Maine as fresh seafood. It is nicknamed the lighthous state afterall. 

    At Maine Lobster Now, we are proud to call Maine our home, and because August 7th is officially National Lighthouse Day, we thought we would share with you a rundown of the best Maine lighthouses and

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  6. Everything You Need to Know About Lobster Meat 

    lobster meat

    Sometimes you just want to buy lobster meat to put in your favorite recipes, on salads, in soups, or even just to enjoy on its own. We agree, already shelled lobster meat is amazing and versatile. 

    Fresh vs. Frozen Lobster Meat

    First, let’s go over the basics of fresh vs. frozen lobster m

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  7. A Man's Guide to Valentine's Day Dinner

    A Man's Guide to Valentine's Day Dinner

    With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be starting to panic. You've decided to skip restaurant reservations and host dinner at home this year, but you have no idea where to begin. On the one hand, you want to pamper your valentine and make her feel extra special. On the other hand, you're concerned you'll pick the wrong flowers, burn the cookies or forget the champagne. Take a deep breath – we're here to help and tell you that you can definitely pull this off on Valentine's D

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  8. Seafood and Liquor Pairings

    Seafood and Liquor Pairings

    We all know white wine pairs well with seafood, but what other liquors are a good choice for Maine seafood feast? Although liquor may be trickier to pair with food than wine, it is possible to find the right match. 

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  9. Lobster Side Dishes

    Lobster Side Dishes

    Are you planning a special lobster dinner but don't know what sides to serve? There's no need to worry – when it comes to lobster sides, less is more. The lobster will be the shining centerpiece of the meal, and the side dishes should enhance the lobster's rich, sweet flavor. In other words, a sumptuous lobster dinner can be uncomplicated and thrown together with little time and effort. 12 dishes and sides you can pair with lobster:

    1. Steamed clams or mussels
    2. Potato Salad
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  10. Quick Scallop Guide

    Quick Scallop Guide

    Our Guide to Types and Sizes of Scallops

    Here at Maine Lobster Now we have expanded our menu with more Sea Scallop options

    Since our start, we have offered the 10/20 variety of scallops. As you will see we now also offer the smaller 20/30 variety and jumbo U-10 and U-8 sea scallop varieties.

    For those who are unfamiliar with these scallop descriptions, we'll explain so you can choose the option that best suits your culinary needs. 

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