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How You Can Find Quality Lobster

May 08, 2024Julian Klenda

How to Look for a Quality Lobster

Using high-quality seafood is an important factor in creating the dish you desire. Maine Lobster Now is managed by a family who has dedicated more than 30 years to providing some of the best seafood to people around the world.

Our lobsters are cold-water lobsters caught off the coast of Maine and are the preferred species for many people who enjoy eating lobsters. In fact, 80% of lobster served in restaurants in the United States comes from the coast of Maine. The flesh of Maine lobsters is firmer and sweeter than spiny warm-water lobsters.



Maine lobster facts


Here is what to consider when you’re selecting your lobster:



Part of determining quality is to evaluate the freshness of the lobster. Maine Lobster Now lobsters come directly from Maine fishermen and are all evaluated and selected by hand. They are then available to you via our easy-to-use online lobster delivery system.

Maine Lobsters come from Maine fisherman


When deciding which lobster products you’ll purchase, consider how you’ll prepare your lobster. The shell may even be used to make a stock. The larger the lobster, the more attention you’ll need to place on timing to cook it evenly and through the center without overcooking it.


Another aspect to consider is the type of shell the lobster has. Hard shell lobsters have not shed their shell in more than four seasons and are filled with firm meat.

Soft shell, or new shell, lobsters have thin shells that contain a lot of water. These lobsters have recently gone through the molting period where they shed their old hard shell and the softer shell underneath is exposed. Soft shell lobsters are easier to crack open, and their flavor is sweeter.

Why You Should Order Quality Lobster

Maine lobsters are harvested year-round, so there is not a shortage of availability at Maine Lobster Now if you choose to order live lobster online. Our lobsters that are caught in the Atlantic Ocean are as fresh when they get to you as they would be if you had traveled to Maine yourself.

In addition to offering live whole lobsters, we have lobster meat to help you with the many delicious recipes that don’t call for a whole lobster. Eliminate waste and reduce your prep time by using our always fresh and never frozen lobster meat in your dishes. When we cook lobster, we do it immediately after they are caught to seal in their tender flavors — and that means you get the freshest-tasting lobster meat available.

Lobster on a table

We can’t forget about the lobster tail, either. This is the sweetest and most popular part of the lobster and it deserves its own spotlight. Our lobster tails range in size from three to 14 ounces, and we also have jumbo tails that go up to 24 ounces. You can purchase tails in or out of the shell, but no matter what form of lobster you decide to purchase, be sure to order enough. You’ll usually want to serve at least one to one-and-a-half pounds of lobster to each person.

Ordering Direct From Maine Lobster Now Guarantees Quality

We have a lot of pride in offering great lobster, and our promises go beyond being a place to find “cheap lobster.” Maine Lobster Now lobsters are antibiotic free, wild and allowed to grow naturally, without antibiotics or hormones. Our lobster meat is authentically plump, and the colors are vivid and pure.

If you ask the employees at your local grocery or seafood market, they may not know where your lobster came from. If you order from us, you know.

By ordering fresh Maine lobster from a reputable, reliable lobster delivery company, you can take the guesswork out of knowing whether you’re getting fresh, high-quality products. Ordering from us can be done through our simple online process, and our lobsters are humanely shipped right to your door.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: How Can You Find Quality Lobster
Chapter 2: Get To Know The Parts Of A Maine Lobster
Chapter 3: Mouth-Watering Lobster Bisque Recipe
Chapter 4: Tips For Handling And Storing Live Lobsters
Chapter 5: How To Handle Frozen Lobsters
Chapter 6: How To Crack A Lobster

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