Wild-Caught Black Cod (Sablefish) - 1-1.25 lb Fillet

FrozenNOAA Fishwatch

Responsibly Sourced
Nitrogen Frozen
Deep Water Fish
Nicknamed "The Butterfish"
Soft and Velvety Texture

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You don’t know it yet, but Wild-Caught Black Cod is your new favorite fish. Otherwise known as Sablefish, Black Cod derives from the cold, deep waters of the Pacific Northwest around Alaska and British Columbia. Black Cod has dense, white flesh with a high oil content, which allows each filet to have a rich, buttery flavor, earning this fish another nickname, “butterfish.” So many nicknames, yes, but you will just end up referring to this fish as “Delicious.”

This rich, exquisite flavor makes Black Cod a versatile choice in any kitchen, where you can choose to oven-bake, poach, broil, grill, and even smoke, to unlock its full flavor potential. The high oil content helps every filet hold onto moisture throughout any of these cooking processes, easily making you want to stock up and hold onto as many fillets of Black Cod as you can after your first bite. Order Wild-Caught Black Cod today Maine Lobster Now!