Nantucket Dry Dayboat Bay Scallops - 8oz


Responsibly Sourced
Hand harvested by locals in Nantucket
Nitrogen Frozen
Artisan Fishery
Mild and Sweet
25-35 Scallops per 8oz Portion
Extremely Limited Supply

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Nantucket Bay Scallops From New England

Harvested between Cape Cod and the Long Island Sound, Nantucket Bay Scallops are a favorite throughout the United States. Known for their sweet flavor and firm premium texture, these scallops make the perfect addition to your favorite seafood meals.

Nantucket Bay Scallop season opens November 1st and runs through March. Fishing for these scallops is a very restricted and labor intensive process which makes their availability very inconsistent. Fishermen are only able to harvest if the air temperature is above 28 degrees before 10:00am. Pair such limiting factors with the wintery weather of the Northeast coastline, and one can start to understand how hard it is to attain this product.

Responsibly Sourced 8 oz. Nantucket Bay Scallops

Each year, these scallops are fished responsibly with time and attention given to putting back scallops not yet ready for harvest. This ensures a healthy ecosystem for years to come and provides customers with delicious 8 oz. Nantucket scallops that are packed with the sweet flavor they are known for.

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Nantucket Bay Scallops are hand dredged by local fishermen, shucked the same day, then flash frozen before delivery to your home to ensure that quality and flavor remain intact. Place your scallop order today and enjoy these local favorites this week. Don’t forget that we provide free shipping on every order over $100.

Safe Handling of Frozen Nantucket Bay Scallops

Storage: Keep frozen ≤ 0℉ (-18° C). Vacuum-sealed Scallops held under these conditions should retain its quality for at least six to 12 months. It is important to note, seafood stored in frost-free freezers should be used within 3 months.

Thawing instructions: Thaw under refrigeration ≤ 38℉ ((3℃). Before thawing, puncture or remove packaging. For quick-thawing, place frozen scallops in cool water for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, just until contents are flexible. Once thawed, immediately cook or refrigerate (if refrigerating, puncture the package). Regardless of chosen thawing technique, once the product is thawed, it should be cooked within 24 hours and stored at a temperature no higher than 38℉ (3℃).

In order to bring you a truly memorable seafood experience and keep our products as fresh as possible, all frozen items are shipped with gel packs or dry ice. Dry ice is not hazardous to food and will not contaminate it. In fact, these cooling methods, alongside our own nitrogen freezing process, help keep your seafood at ideal temperatures during shipping and ensure they taste just like they are fresh from the dock.


Please be Aware: Consuming raw or undercooked shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Frozen Nantucket Bay Scallops - 8oz