FREE 1-DAY SHIPPING (*$125 min) 

What days of the week do you deliver?
We offer delivery Tuesday through Saturday. Orders may be placed any day of the week and well in advance of your requested delivery date.

Is shipping included in the price?
We frequently run promotions offering discounts on or free shipping. Shipping on carts valued over $125 can obtain free shipping via the "FREESHIP" coupon code. Shipping will be calculated prior to checkout. You can also use our Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping for items in your shopping cart.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is dependent upon several variables including weight, dimensions, and state. If ordering online, a shipping quote can be given on the shopping cart page by entering a zip code, or the checkout page using the address provided. If you need to give us a call at 207-799-8222 and we can give you a quote over the phone.

When will I receive the lobster? Can I choose the date?
Your delivery date can be specified in the delivery date section on the payment screen. You can schedule delivery as far ahead as you'd like.

Do I need to cook the lobster immediately or can I cook it tomorrow? We guarantee that your lobster will be alive upon delivery, however, we do recommend cooking it the same day you receive it. With that said many people will store their lobster overnight and cook it the next day. If you plan to do this, we recommend purchasing the select size lobsters of 2lbs and up. They may be placed in your refrigerator with the seaweed they are packed in to keep them moist. Do not add fresh water to the lobster storage. Freshwater will kill the live lobsters.

How do I track my shipment?
On the date of shipment, a tracking number will be generated and sent via email. This tracking number can be used to review the status of your shipment in transit, however, this tracking number will not be valid for tracking until the shipment is picked up from our facility. If you have received this email and are not yet able to track the package this is most likely because the shipment has not yet been picked up from our facility. After receiving this notification email with the tracking number, wait until approximately 6 p.m. that evening when the package becomes active in FedEx's system. If after that time you are still unable to track the package, please contact our offices to speak with a representative.

Can I freeze the meat?
Yes. You can freeze fully cooked lobster meat, however, we would not recommend freezing live or raw lobster.

Can you include a gift message?
Yes, simply write your gift message in the delivery description on the payment screen and we will add it to the shipment.

How do I specify delivery date?
Your delivery date can be specified in the delivery date section on the payment screen.

What happens if my lobster(s) arrive dead?
At Maine Lobster Now we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best Maine Lobster experience. We believe in the experience so much that we guarantee your lobsters arrive fresh and alive on the date of delivery. If for any reason your lobsters do not arrive alive, we will reimburse you for the spoiled product costs. This will typically be provided in the form of a refund for the spoiled product. A reshipment is not guaranteed unless all items in the shipment were affected. We require a photograph of the affected products and customers must attempt to reach us via phone or email on the date of delivery. Please make sure the picture properly shows the spoiled products or lifeless lobsters on its back and this can be sent to along with your order number and the best way to reach you.

To help us review your refund, please follow these instructions for submitting photos:

  • If your lobster arrives dead, provide a photo of the dead lobster on its back.
  • For underweight products, a photo must be submitted with the product on a food scale.
  • For spoiled products, a photo must be submitted showing product temperature over 40℉.

What happens if my package arrives after my dinner party?

The best way to protect against getting stuck with the bill is to add shipping protection to your order. Shipping protection provides peace of mind in cases where shipments are affected by the carrier. You will be fully reimbursed for lost, damaged, or deliveries after the selected date, please read our "Shipping Policy" for details regarding exemptions.

What happens if my party is canceled or I need to change the date of delivery?
There is no risk to our customers by placing an order today for a future date. If you need to change the delivery date or cancel your order these changes can be made prior to the ship date without a hassle. We even accept coupons that you may receive via email after your order is placed in case you see a deal you would like to take advantage of.

Do I need to be home to receive my packages?
No, all packages are sent with no signature required and will be left at your doorstep.

Can I change the number of items after my order is scheduled?
Yes, you can make any update to your order, big or small, prior to the ship date.

Can I cancel or modify my shipment?
All orders can be canceled or modified prior to the shipment date. Once a tracking number has been generated a cancellation penalty may apply and any modifications are subject to surcharges based on the type of modification being made.