Lobster Cocktail Claws - 1 lb


5-7 Lobster Claws per Pound
Responsibly Sourced
Ready to Thaw and Serve
Perfect Appetizer

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Add an Appetizer of Lobster Cocktail Claws

Your next dinner party will be the talk of the town when you serve lobster cocktail claws as an appetizer. Impress your party guests with the sweetest, meatiest part of a lobster. Our cocktail lobster claws are empress cut with the lower shell removed, making them photo-ready and easy to eat. Our pre-cooked lobster cocktail claws are ready to thaw and enjoy the moment they arrive at your door. Squeeze fresh lemon over them and prepare melted butter or cocktail sauce and give your guests a classic Maine delicacy no matter where you live.

Responsibly Harvested Lobster Claw Meat

To ensure the long-term population of lobster – which supports thousands of independently owned businesses here in Maine and all along the North Atlantic coast – we only use lobsters that are wild-caught and responsibly sourced. When you order from Maine Lobster Now, you can feel confident you’re eating great-tasting lobster that’s good for the ocean.

Unmatched Quality and Freshness

Maine Lobster Now delivers lobster cocktail claws that taste better than our competition because it’s fresher. Our frozen lobster claws are fully cooked, flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, sealed airtight, and shipped straight to your door the next day. It’s like having lobster served to you at a restaurant right here along the majestic Maine coast.