Fresh Corn


Grown in the U.S.
Shipped Fresh
Sustainably Sourced
Priced and Shipped per Ear of Corn
Must-Have Addition to any New England Seafood Feast

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Fresh U.S. Grown Corn

Corn grown right here in the Untied States is the perfect addition to any seafood feast. You can buy one ear of corn or several, depending on how many you need for your seafood meal plans. You really can't have the full New England meal experience without fresh corn anyway, right? So get it straight from the source, just like your seafood.

Seafood with a Side of Fresh Corn on the Cob

Our corn is grown right here in the U.S. During the summer months we source it just a mile down the road from the locally well known Alewive's farm in Maine. Fresh from the farm ingredients are the best addition to pair with your favorite New England seafoods.

Order Fresh U.S. Grown Corn Online

Add fresh corn on the cob to your seafood order today. You can even choose any delivery date you prefer during the checkout process. We'll ship your online seafood order directly to your front door.

Notice: Unfortunately, due to State of California Dept. of Agriculture laws, we cannot ship produce or citrus into the state of California.


Native Maine Corn