Alaskan Snow Crab

We are excited to now offer Alaskan snow crab for sale at King Crab Leg Co. Our snow crab comes directly from the ice cold waters of the Pacific Northwest and Bering Sea. Enjoy Alaskan snow crab pieces, clusters, or cocktail claws. All are pre-cooked and arrive frozen for you to easily open, heat and serve. Order yours today.

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Alaskan Snow Crab for Sale Online

Snow Crabs love the deep cold waters of the Pacific. They are in season for a long period, typically from late fall through early summer each year. Sometimes longer. This allows us to offer Alaskan Snow Crab for sale online, fresh throughout the year!

The seasonality of the product also makes it affordable, and a great item to stock up on to have on hand for entertaining or a savory seafood meal at home any night of the week.

At Maine Lobster Now, we offer a variety of sizes and portions to try and fit all of our customers needs. Clusters range from 12oz - 16oz plus. Our Snow Crab Cocktail Claws make for a great appetizer option, while pieces offer a cheaper alternative that offers the same great taste!

Giant Snow Crab Legs From the Pacific Northwest

The meat of the Alaskan Snow Crab changes from a deep red to a snowy, rich white when it is cooked. One of the best attributes of this meat is the long yet flakey consistency. This texture makes the meat wonderful for topping dishes beautiful hunks of the meat. The delicate nature also allows for one to easily shred the meat and add this to any recipe with ease!

Like with most seafood, cocktail sauce, butter and lemon, are the perfect sides when enjoying Alaskan Snow Crab. The legs, clusters and claws all arrive precooked, frozen, and ready for you to enjoy. Order your Alaskan Snow Crab today!

Snow Crab Legs - The Perfect Appetizer

Our Selection of Alaskan Snow Crab includes legs, clusters, leg pieces, and cocktail claws. The Alaskan Snow Crab pieces and cocktail claws are ideal for appetizers, side dishes and to include in recipes. Alone, the legs usually weigh somewhere between one and two pounds depending on the size and quantity of clusters you choose. The claws are smaller than other crustacean varieties, making the meat from the leg or claw easy to savor and enjoy in one bite.