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The Lobster Roll 10 Ways

Apr 02, 2024Steve

Lobster rolls are a beloved culinary delight and serious topic for seafood lovers everywhere. When done right they make for an unforgettable entree. The definition of the “right” way to make a lobster roll is often up for a bit of debate. There are many takes on this long time classic and we have rounded up the best of them. But, whether you want to make a simple, more traditional lobster roll, or you are interested in putting a unique spin on this delicious sandwich, these recipes cover it all.

10 Easy Ways to Make a Perfect Lobster Roll

First let’s cover the basics before you decide which approach you want to take when making your own lobster rolls at home.

The most important thing to know:regardless of which recipe you choose, you will want fresh high-quality lobsterlump meat. You can either purchase meat that has already been taken from the lobster for you. Maine Lobster Now offers this options by the pound. You can also order live lobstersovernighted from Maine, cook them fresh at home, then take the meat out yourself. Either way, you will end up with a delicious sandwich.

Next, let’s go over what a traditional lobster roll is all about. There are two well known versions of this decadent sandwich. People often argue over which is the best. We are partial to the Maine versian, but we recommend that you try them both and decide for yourself.

1. Maine Lobster Roll

The important things to remember with the Maine lobster roll are that it is served cold with mayo. This recipe from Destination Kennebunkport covers all the bases.

Photo from Destination Kennebunkport

(Photo from Destination Kennebunkport)

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2. Connecticut Lobster Roll

This roll differs from the Maine lobster roll drastically. The Connecticut lobster roll is served warm with butter instead of mayo. This recipe from Food Network gets it right.

Photo from Food Network

(Photo from Food Network)

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3. The Classic Combo Lobster Roll

If you just can’t choose between the two, you can always try a little of both. This recipe from The Suburban Soapbox is crazy good, combining both butter and some mayo, along with a few other zesty ingredients.

Photo from The Suburban Soapbox

(Photo from The Suburban Soapbox)

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The previous recipes are the most well known. From these you can branch out and add all sorts of delicious ingredients. The following recipes will give you some ideas.

4. BLT Lobster Roll

You can’t go wrong with a BLT. This recipe from Rachel Ray is a refreshing twist on this beloved classic. Thick cuts of crispy salt bacon pairs perfectly with the soft, juicy hunks of lobster meat, while the lemon and tomato add the perfect bite of acidity.

Photo from Rachel Ray

(Photo from Rachel Ray)

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5. Lobster Grilled Cheese

This is a Maine Lobster Now staple. One of our own in-house chefs designed this recipe to add the perfect amount of creaminess and zest to our fresh lobster lump meat. If you’ve never added lobster meat to this comfort food before, you are truly in for a real treat.

Crab meat and cheese sandwich

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6. Blue Cheese Lobster Beignets

This is a drastic twist on the classic, but it is so good. We promise it is worth a try. The blue cheese adds a bite against the sweet lobster meat, while the creamy avocado sauce brings everything together. Just be warned, these beignets are addicting.

Seafood ball on a wooden cutting board

(Photo from Half Baked Harvest)

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7. Lobster Roll with Uni and Caviar

The chef who created this recipe was most inspired by the focus of the lobster roll being all about fresh, high-quality ingredients. Alongside the lobster, this roll features other gourmet components, including caviar, sea urchin, terragon, and fennel fronds. It’s as fancy as it gets when it comes to a lobster roll.

Photo from Food Republic

(Photo from Food Republic)

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8. Korean Lobster Roll

If you love anything with a mixture of playful flavors, this lobster roll packs a punch of it. It’s not only a unique twist on a lobster roll, but on a classic Korean banh mi sandwich as well. The flavors compliment one another, while also adding a layer a surprise to each that will keep you craving it again and again.

Photo from Food Republic

(Photo from Food Republic)

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9. Sriracha Lobster Roll

You might like just a kick of flavor rather than a full on punch like the Korean lobster roll offers. This is the one to try if that is the case. The Sriracha adds just a little heat to the classic lobster roll, which is contrasted perfectly with the generous amount of mayo, butter, and cooling celery you also get in every bite.

Photo from Garlic & Zest

(Photo from Garlic & Zest)

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10. Lobster Roll Salad

If you aren’t eating any bread, or just want to opt for something a bit lighter, this lobster roll salad recipe is the perfect thing. You get all of the same mouthwatering flavors that you crave in a lobster roll, with some additional nutrient dense ingredients, like peas and basil. It even makes for the perfect side dish when enjoying crab or seared scallops.

Photo from Food & Wine

(Photo from Food & Wine)

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You can use any of these recipes as a jumping off point to create your own version of the lobster roll. Or, if you don’t feel like anything needs to be added to it because it’s perfect as is, that’s fine too.

Along with live lobster and fresh lobster lump meat, Maine Lobster Now also offers classic Maine lobster roll kits. Order these if you want to cut down on the cooking time and get straight to enjoying this New England comfort food.

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