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'You're My Lobster' - The Connection between Lobsters and Love

Apr 02, 2024Steve

Valentine’s Day is commonly celebrated as a romantic occasion for couples to express their love for each other.

With its origins in ancient Rome and many ideas on the exact nature of this holiday it can not be determined what started this yearly celebration. Stories vary from romantic tales of a man named Valentine who was imprisoned and fell in love with a jailor’s daughter, to a priest who performed marriages against the emperor’s decree banning marriage to optimize the strength of his army. Although the exact origins of the holiday are not certain all stories behind it share the common theme of love triumphing over uncertain and difficult circumstances. All of these stories would explain the celebration of love and affection for that special someone on this day and here at Maine Lobster Now we would like to help you with unique ways of displaying that.

Although going out to a nice restaurant to celebrate the occasion is common practice, we believe that the convenience and comfort of your own home could be a nice alternative to the norm. We are happy to offer the excellent option of delicious Maine seafood delivered right to your door. That coupled with some romantic home dining ideas can make this a truly special occasion for you and your loved one.

Lobsters are viewed as one of the most romantic animals, with expressions such as ‘you’re my lobster’ being used in the popular sitcom Friends to show devotion and the firm standing belief of true love. This expression can be linked closely to the fact that lobsters mating with only one partner for their entire life, as well as signs of self-sacrifice and loyalty which we could all strive for. The symbolism behind this provides extra incentive to give consideration to a Maine lobster dinner as a special Valentine’s day treat.

What better way to set the mood for a romantic lobster dinner than the best known natural aphrodisiac? Oysters are likely the most well known aphrodisiac in nature with several factors contributing to this belief. One would be the high Zinc content which is linked to increased levels of testosterone, as well as the presence of a nutrient called Tyrosine. This nutrient is known to heighten levels of Dopamine, also referred to as the feel good hormone contributing to increases in libido. Our Damariscotta Oysters are among some of the most highly sought after and for good reason. The Damariscotta River Basin has had world renowned oysters for hundreds of years due to its ideal water temperatures and the shape of the basin being a haven for these delicious bivalves.

Damariscotta Oysters

With the special day falling on a Tuesday there is availability for overnight shipment of all our delicious products. Whether the full live lobster experience is what you are looking for or maybe our flash frozen jumbo lobster tails with some delicious lobster bisque to start we are the premier supplier of fresh Maine seafood.


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