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Twin Lobster Dinner for Two

Customize Twin Lobster Dinner for Two
  • Complete Dinner for Two
  • Wild-Caught Live Maine Lobsters
  • Lightly Packed with Seaweed
  • A Classic Maine Pairing
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    Product Description

    Order the Twin Lobster Dinner for Two

    Looking to treat your partner to a special meal this weekend? Or maybe you want to gift your parents a “culinary getaway” for their anniversary? Then the Twin Live Lobster Dinner is exactly what you need to send anybody’s taste buds to the Maine coast. This lobster dinner for two starts with P.E.I. blue mussels for an appetizer before moving onto the main course of 1 lb. live Maine lobsters. This fabulous 3-course menu is capped off by traditional Maine-iac Chocolate Whoopie Pies. Experience Maine right in your dining room without ever boarding a plane.

    Sustainably Harvested Lobsters

    Our lobsters are wild-caught using the latest sustainable harvesting methods that help ensure the long-term population of this coastal favorite and support thousands of independently owned businesses in Maine. You can feel confident that you’re eating great-tasting lobster that’s sourced responsibly.

    Unmatched Quality and Freshness

    We always handle our lobsters humanely and responsibly. We purchase our lobsters directly from local wharfs along the coast and immediately transport them to our storage facility. We keep our lobsters in a saltwater tank that is maintained at a temperature that promotes their health and enables them to thrive until the day they arrive at your home.

    Where Your Lobster Comes From

    We source our lobsters directly from independently owned wharfs, some just a few miles from our headquarters here in Maine and others all along the North Atlantic coast. Each day the docks trace their landings to every lobsterman and woman who catches them, and we trace our lobsters to every dock where they landed.

    Serving Size

    What Comes in Your Twin Lobster Dinner for Two?

    If you’ve never cooked lobsters at home, this complete lobster meal kit is a perfect beginner option. You’ll get all the tools you need, like metal lobster shell crackers, lobster bibs, and sea salt. You’ll indulge on 2 lbs. of Prince Edward Island’s famous blue mussels to start your 3-course meal before cracking into 4 1-lb. Maine lobsters for your main entrée. For the cherry on top of this meal, sink your teeth into a decadent Maine-iac Chocolate Whoopie Pie filled with rich creme filling. This is the way to experience Maine as only we can deliver.

    The Twin Lobster Dinner includes:
    • Four 1 lb. Maine Lobsters
    • Two Pounds P.E.I. Blue Mussels
    • Two Maine-iac Whoopie Pies
    • Two "How to Crack a Lobster" Placemats
    • Two Lobster Bibs
    • Two Metal Shell Crackers
    • One Package Maine Sea Salt
    Nutritional Benefits

    Are Lobsters the Next Superfood?

    Lobster meat offers a host of beneficial health qualities similar to other “superfoods.” Lobster is an excellent source of protein, offering 19 grams of protein per 3.5 oz. serving.

    Lobster also contains a healthy dose of vitamins B3, B6, and B12 to support metabolism and cognitive function. It’s an excellent source of the antioxidant selenium which prevents cellular damage and is high in zinc to boost immunity. Like other seafood we sell, lobster also contains omega-3 fatty acids that help lower inflammation and can reduce the risk of heart disease.


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    You can also schedule your seafood delivery ahead of time. At checkout, you can choose the day you want your food delivered to ensure you have the freshest possible seafood at your door on the day you need it.

    Storage & Thawing

    Simple Instructions for Storing Live Lobster

    We’ll help keep your live lobster at the highest quality possible.

    • Handle live lobsters with care. Live lobsters are best cooked the day they arrive. We cannot guarantee overnight survival after delivery.
    • Refrigerate the entire box. If the box doesn’t fit, carefully remove lobster(s) and wrap them with the seaweed included in your shipment in damp paper.
    • Do NOT store in an air-tight container. Do NOT put lobsters on ice or in freshwater. Any of these will kill your lobster(s).

    Warning: Closing claws and tails can cause bodily harm. If lobsters arrive without bands, please exercise extreme caution when handling.

    Cooking Live Lobster

    How to Cook Live Maine Lobster

    If you’ve never purchased or cooked live lobster before and are unsure what to do, you’re in good hands. We’ll help you cook your lobster to perfection and easily crack into those shells.

    • Learn how to cook live lobsters at home like the pros. Read our lobster cooking instructions online, or use the pamphlet insert included with your order to boil, steam, bake, or grill your live lobster.
    • Make sure to have the proper equipment on hand when cooking live lobster. Add lobster crackers, seafood shears, seafood picks, and butter warmers to your order.

    Health Advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. If you’re not sure how to prepare lobster, please review our cooking directions.

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    1. Verified Buyer

      Best Meal Deal for Two Whole Lobster

      I have a good friend who loves seafood like we do and they live in Massachusetts who recommended MLN. We ordered the meal for 2 whole lobster meal.. The package arrived on time and all 4 lobsters and mussels were alive and packed in fresh seaweed. This is a great deal and we will be ordering again soon.

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    WOW! Truly awesome, fresh food and excellent shipping logistics!!! Everything was as advertised! Will buy from you again! Keep up the good work. Thanks!


    I bought a gift certificate for lobster…Bought for a charity auction

    I bought a gift certificate for lobster and donated for an auction. My friend bought it and we got to help eat it! We tried steaming it but we didn't steam it long enough and needed a little more time. I will boil next time! We have used this company...

    Patsy E Gaut Verified Buyer

    Absolutely the best!!!

    Absolutely the best!!!! The lobsters were fresh and delicious! The steamers were awesome and I would highly recommend to anyone that loves fresh seafood!!!!

    Deborah Verified Buyer
    Packaging Graphic