Seaweed - 1 lb


Hand Picked
From the Coast of Maine
Priced and Shipped per Pound
Used for Traditional Maine Seafood Bakes
Ascophyllum nodosum or "Rockweed"

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Fresh Seaweed From Maine

Like our lobster, our seaweed comes fresh and hand-picked off the coast of Maine. It's sustainably sourced and adds to the entire New England culinary experience that you know you can expect from Maine Lobster Now. Use it as an added way to keep live lobster orders in top shape, as an addition to your table spread, or for extra moisture during the cooking process.

Hand-Picked East Coast Seaweed

Fresh seaweed is an excellent addition to any order. You can order it along with live lobster, as the lobsters love the extra salt and moisture they provide. Fresh seaweed also makes for an extra New England touch when hosting a traditional New England style meal. Seafood preparation also benefits from fresh seaweed which adds extra nutrition and moisture to your favorite dishes. Rockweed is commonly found along the northern Atlantic coast of North America. Its range extends from Baffin Island, Canada south to New Jersey.

Ascophyllum nodosum, more commonly called Rockweed, is a species of brown algae or seaweed that is found along the New England coast. It grows on available hard surfaces, including rocks, shells, and dock pilings. Rockweed averages in length between 20-30 inches and can grow longer where there is less wave action to cause breakage.

Order Fresh Hand-Picked Seaweed From Maine Online

Place your order online today and add fresh hand-picked seaweed from Maine. Along with live Maine lobster, Alaskan King crab legs, and shellfish, seaweed is another New England staple we are proud to offer. Remember to choose any delivery date you would like during the checkout process.