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Sea Scallops

Buy Scallops Online

Sea Scallops - 20/30 - 1 lb

$37.99  $22.99
Save: 39% off

Large Sea Scallops - 10/20 - 1 lb

$39.99  $24.99
Save: 38% off

Jumbo Sea Scallops - U-10 - 1 lb (Diver Scallops)

$49.99  $34.99
Save: 30% off

Giant Sea Scallops - U-8 - 1 lb (Diver Scallops)

$69.99  $39.99
Save: 43% off

Need help cooking? Use this link to learn how to cook sea scallops.

Buy the Freshest Maine Sea Scallops — Online!

Craving the succulent, rich flavor that only comes from authentic Maine sea scallops? Maine Lobster Now makes it simple for you to buy fresh Maine sea scallops and have them delivered immediately to your door. Pick the sizes you prefer, then order your fresh sea scallops online through our secure site. You’ve never tasted a sea scallop until you’ve tasted a genuine Maine sea scallop.

Fresh Sea Scallops Are Delicious With Any Finishing Touch

Some people like to douse the fresh sea scallops they buy online in buttery sauces. Others like to pan fry with some flour. Regardless of your preference, when you order sea scallops from Maine Lobster Now, you’ll receive the perfect base for any scallop recipe. Our fresh sea scallops for sale online offer you the opportunity to share a taste of the state that’s synonymous with the best lobster in the world. If you can’t take a trip to visit, you can thoroughly enjoy indulging in fresh Maine sea scallops. Simply place your order.

Dry Scallops, Free From Antibiotics and Always From Maine

We purchase our fresh sea scallops from fishing boats right here in Maine. We never purchase farmed or raised scallops, so we can assure customers that they will always receive antibiotic-free and hormone-free fresh scallops. Our family has lived in Maine for generations, and we always choose local suppliers to guarantee a second-to-none experience for you and your taste buds.

What is a Diver Scallop?

What is a Maine diver scallop? These jumbo sea scallops are called "diver" because historically divers would swim down to the bottom to get these scallops. Since they could only carry up a couple handfuls, they would grab the largest scallops they could find. So the biggest scallops available quickly became known as diver scallops, and now the name sticks! We have diver scallops for sale online available to be shipped right to you!

Why Choose Jumbo Sea Scallops?

Maine Lobster Now also sells jumbo scallops, but many of our regular and first-time aren't sure what to get, so they order the large sea scallops, because they are the most common size ordered. However, they are missing out on the experience of a giant sea scallop and showing off to their friends. Fresh jumbo scallops are quite filling for any plate. They pair nicely with a steak or lobster tail.

Eat Healthy Without Losing Any Flavor

One of the greatest aspects of scallops is that it’s very high in protein and naturally low in sodium and fat. Scallops are an appetizing selection for people on relatively limited diets or people trying to lose weight by increasing protein. What better way to satisfy your hunger without forfeiting rich, natural foods?

Make Your Next Gathering Memorable With Scallops

Planning a get-together with a few friends or a big group? Order sea scallops from Maine Lobster Now. Our fresh sea scallops are purchased daily and sent fresh, immediately to you — they’ll taste like they were just caught. We also include recipe suggestions with every order. If you’re a first-time sea scallop cook, we’ll help you make the most of your purchase!