Haddock Chowder - 16 oz.

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Product Description

Buy Delicious Haddock Chowder Online

Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure with our best-selling Haddock Chowder. The rich, creamy stock of our Haddock Chowder is similar to our Clam Chowder, but instead, you get the flaky, delicate meat of Icelandic Haddock that is sure to satisfy you from the first spoonful to the last. 

This local recipe is the same one used in numerous top-rated restaurants in Maine and now you too can experience the best of our region from the comfort of your own home. When it’s cold or you just need a hearty meal to satisfy a craving, add our Haddock Chowder to your cart.

All of our soups and chowders are ready-made and then flash-frozen to preserve the best taste and freshness possible.

Where Your Fish Comes From

Our Haddock is responsibly sourced from several regions of the world’s oceans. A small portion is sourced from local waters right here near the Maine coast, but close to 90% of our Haddock is caught in the cold, pristine waters near Iceland. This Haddock is harvested using a process called long-lining, which is ethically better compared to other methods. Our Haddock is transported to New England shortly after it’s caught and then instantly flash-frozen, allowing our customers to experience the freshest Haddock possible no matter where they are in the country

Serving Size

What’s the Serving Size for Our Haddock Chowder?

All of our soups and chowders are delivered in 16 oz. portions. As an appetizer, two people can enjoy an 8 oz. cup of Haddock Chowder to accompany their Maine Lobster Dinner, Lobster Tail Feasts, Alaskan King Crab, or Sustainably-Sourced Fish Fillets. You can also choose to indulge in the full 16 oz. bowl portion as your main course and serve with oyster crackers or toasted bread.

Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional Benefits of Haddock

More and more, doctors and health advisors are touting the benefits of a seafood-rich diet. Haddock, like many other species of fish we sell, is an excellent protein option with an abundance health benefits.

Haddock is low-calorie meat with 19 grams of protein per every 3.5 oz. Haddock is also rich in vitamins and minerals, including the antioxidant selenium, which prevents cellular damage, as well as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron, all of which can strengthen and improve the overall health of your body.

Notice: Haddock Chowder is a gluten-free product.

Ingredients: Potatoes, Water, North Atlantic Haddock, Oakhurst Heavy Cream (40%), Onion, Baked Lobster Meat Including Juices, Salt, Tomato Paste, Potato Flour, Flavoring, Butter (Cream, Natural Flavoring), Dry Whey & Paprika Based Whitefish (Whiting), and Natural Fish Stock, Salt, Yeast Extract, Potato Flour, Dry Whey, Butter (Cream, Natural Flavoring), Corn Oil and Flavoring, Potato Starch, Paprika, Spice

Contains: Milk, Haddock, Lobster, Whitefish, Fish

Haddock Chowder 16oz


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Storage & Thawing

Simple Instructions for Storing and Thawing Haddock Chowder

Keep your haddock chowder frozen until ready for use. Thaw under refrigeration immediately before use.

Heating Soups & Chowders

Heating Haddock Chowder

We’re here to help perfectly heat up your haddock chowder.

To reheat: Place container of thawed soup directly into hot (180℉) water for 8-9 minutes, or until product reaches 165℉. DO NOT BOIL. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

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We sent this to family in the Midwest

We sent this to family in the Midwest It was a big hit!! Delivery was as planned and seafood was amazing as reported

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When I opened the package it was well protected and intact. The Lobster was better than I had expected. The meat was in large chunks and very moist. I will be visiting again. Thank You for your quality.

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Absolutely the best!!!! The lobsters were fresh and delicious! The steamers were awesome and I would highly recommend to anyone that loves fresh seafood!!!!

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