Fox Family Potato Chips - 2.0oz

Classic Pairing With Lobster Rolls
Produced at a Local Farm
Made With Maine Potatoes

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Why Individual Bags of Fox Family Chips Make Sense

When you plan to serve up a lobster roll to friends and family at your next picnic or gathering, be sure to offer up the best-tasting chips on the planet. Fox Family chips are frequently hailed as tasting like no other type of potato chip. Produced in Maine, they are must-serve accompaniments to lobster rolls and other casual seafood-focused meals.

Individual bags of Fox Family chips store well for months. When you want one as a side to your next lobster roll or as a snack, simply grab a bag for a perfect portion. Not only is it easier to follow a healthier diet regimen when you choose individual snack bags of Fox Family chips, but you will also love their fresh, crisp flavor!

Places to Use Your Individual Fox Family Chips

In addition to serving up Fox Family chips at picnics, remember that individual bags of this New England favorite go great in other places:

  • Send them to school with the kids in their lunch boxes.
  • Keep some in the car for those moments when you want a quick bite to eat and don’t want to hit the drive-thru.
  • Take them on hikes and trips to the park.
  • Donate some for snack time at your child’s daycare or school, if the facility accepts pre-packaged food items for sharing.
  • Keep some in your rec room for grab-and-go treats.
  • Store a few bags of Fox Family chips in your desk at the office. They go well with your daily sandwich or salad!

You can always rely on Fox Family potato chips to perk up any dish! They definitely belong in your pantry and on your grocery list.

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Fox Family Chips - 2.0oz