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Maine Lobster Tails 4oz - 5oz

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Everyone knows the lobster tail is the sweetest part. Indulge in the best Maine lobster tails delivered right to your door. Our tails only come from healthy, wild-caught Maine lobsters. 

Delicious Real Maine Lobster Tails - 4-5 oz.

Maine Lobster Now makes it possible for you to bring a taste of New England to you wherever you live. Even if you have never purchased and made lobster tail before, you can easily learn how to cook this sumptuous seafood to perfection. Order a 4-5 oz. lobster tail today and have it shipped, frozen, directly to your door. You can thaw it immediately or place it in your freezer for use within three months.

4 -5 Ounce Lobster Tail Portion Sizes

Should you buy the 4-5 oz. lobster tail from Maine Lobster Now or order a larger lobster tail? The answer depends on your specific needs. If you plan to make lobster tail your primary entree without any accompanying side dishes, you may want a larger lobster tail. However, if you expect to have plenty of items in addition to your lobster tail, or you simply enjoy smaller portions, 4-5 oz. is more than enough for one person.

Make a Healthy, Delicious Meal with 4 -5 oz. Lobster Tail 

Are you looking for a protein source that will work nicely with most of the diet and lifestyle plans trending today? Lobster tail meat goes well with everything from low-carb to paleo dietary programs. Plus, you do not have to add any kind of additional fat source to enjoy the robust flavor of the meat–unless of course you want to.

Shop with Maine Lobster Now and give your taste buds a reason to cheer. Whether you want lobster tail for an unexpected Wednesday night pick-me-up or a Saturday couples’ dinner, find exactly what you need at our online store.


Need help cooking? We can help you get it done right!

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What Our Customers Say

We sent this to family in the Midwest

We sent this to family in the Midwest It was a big hit!! Delivery was as planned and seafood was amazing as reported

angela Verified Buyer

Lobsters arrived alive and had the…

Lobsters arrived alive and had the great Maine flavor. Pachaging and cooking inzdx tructions were great!! Can't wait to order again.

Nelsen Jorgensen Verified Buyer

Absolutely the best!!!

Absolutely the best!!!! The lobsters were fresh and delicious! The steamers were awesome and I would highly recommend to anyone that loves fresh seafood!!!!

Deborah Verified Buyer
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