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Fresh Maine Lobster

At Maine Lobster Now, we believe Humane Delivery is just as important as responsibly harvesting a sustainable seafood. We employ a very comprehensive humane lobster delivery protocol for all of our lobsters. Our lobsters are purchased directly from the boat and transported immediately to our temporary storage facility. We operate a cold salt water storage tank system with its own filter bed. The tank is basically an aquarium that is twenty (20) feet long by twenty (20) feet wide and approximately four (4) feet deep. This tank has a built in cooling system to keep the water at an optimum temperature for the lobster’s health. This allows the lobster to thrive and remain very lively prior to packaging for transport.

Our lobsters live longer in our system than other systems that pump directly from the ocean as the ocean temperature can fluctuate especially in summer months. We also have a filter bed that separates out all the feces and debris so the lobsters can live in harmony with fresh clean ocean water. Our lobsters spend very little time in our storage tank. Because we sell lobsters and cooked lobster meat to numerous local restaurants and seafood stores, we are constantly cooking, delivering or shipping our lobsters to various destinations locally and across the country. We purchase lobsters from select lobster men and women but work with enough boats to ensure we always have plenty of lobster to keep our customers happy.

When it comes to sorting out lobsters for delivery to you, we do so by hand. Many companies use machines that can hurt or even kill lobsters. Each of our lobsters is packed in a specially insulated box with frozen gel packs so the lobster does not die from heat exhaustion. We also include a small amount of seaweed soaked in the ocean water so the lobster feels right at home the entire trip. Most of our shipping boxes (6 or more lobsters) have special cardboard "cells" so that each lobster has its own comfortable space during transit. You can rest assured, your live Maine lobster will arrive happy and healthy.

We know cooking lobsters can be difficult for some. Seeing a living organism killed is not something everyone want to participate in. We strongly recommend following our humane cooking instructions so you know how to cook a live lobster humanely.