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  1. Five of Our Favorite Maine Lobster Now Lobster Recipes

    Five of Our Favorite Maine Lobster Now Lobster Recipes

    Whether you are celebrating a holiday or just want to enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your home, these Maine favorites are always delicious. Each of these recipes come from our own Maine Lobster Now chef, making the most of our famous, fresh-caught lobster meat. You can make them with our premium lobster products, which are available and can be shipped overnight anywhere in the United States. 

    Five Maine Lobster Recipes for Any Occassion

    1. Lobster Bloody Mary 

    Start your

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  2. A Taste of Lobster History

    A Taste of Lobster History

    The History of Lobster

    Today, often when lobster is thought of, Maine Lobster comes to mind. But did you know that lobsters were being consumed in Europe before anyone sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas? Well, it’s true. Evidence has been found that yes, in fact, lobsters were being consumed in Europe before America was even found! When the British settlers first sailed to New England, there were so many lobsters off the coast that they didn’t even need to dive for them or catch them. After storms, they would simply wash up onto the shore. Literally hundreds of lobsters would wash onto the shore in piles. The settlers picked up quickly that these animals would spoil fast if they weren’t cooked and consumed fast enough. As time proceeds during this time, lobster was identified as a source of quick protein.

    Lobsters were so plentiful at this time that Native Americans would use them to fertilize their crops and bait their fishing hooks. Native Americans would

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  3. Life of a Mother Lobster

    Life of a Mother Lobster

    As lobster lovers, we don't only want to give you the best information possible about how tasty lobsters can be. We also want to provide a better understanding of the lobster as a species. Why? Because understanding leads to respect, which helps us all to better care for lobster populations and habitats. This will ensure that we can continue to enjoy them well into the future. The role of mother is a big deal for any species. While that role and the life cycles of many animals are often common knowledge, others are more mysterious— this includes crustaceans like the lobster. We can take some of the mystery about the mother lobster away, and answer some questions, including: How does a lobster come into the world? What does a female lobster do throughout this process? When and why is it illegal to keep a female lobster after catching one? Here is a run down on how to identify a female lobster, what the beginning life cycle of a lobster looks like, and why it is illegal

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  4. "Fall" in Love with Portland, Maine.

    "Fall" in Love with Portland, Maine.

    [caption id="attachment_265" align="alignnone" width="689"]5098329738_eb2009fb69_b Portland, Maine coast in Fall.[/caption] As the years have progressed, Portland Maine has become an extremely popular spot to visit in the Summer months. There is always a very unique, hometown feel to Portland Maine but, in the fall that hometown feel turns  into a "welcome home" feel.

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  5. The Evolution of a Maine Symbol: The Lobster Boat

    The Evolution of a Maine Symbol: The Lobster Boat

    The lobster boat is a recognizable image that people all across the country associate with Maine.

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  6. 5 Reasons to Buy Lobster Online

    5 Reasons to Buy Lobster Online

    Delving into a plate of Maine Lobster while sitting next to the ocean is an experience that many people look forward to during a New England vacation. While you may not live near the ocean, you can still enjoy a classic Maine meal without sacrificing freshness or quality. How? It's simple. Buy lobster online. 

    Maine Lobster Now ships fresh, live Maine Lobster nationwide so you can easily share this meal with friends and family— no matter where you live. Ordering lobster online has several perks. Here are five reasons why buying Maine Lobster online is always a great idea. 


    A lot of work goes into planning a meal for a dinner party, family get-together,

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  7. A Story Behind Every Lobster

    A Story Behind Every Lobster

    Lobstering has a long history. With that long history comes generations of families spending countless days out on the water waiting for their perfect catch.

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  8. Weathering the Winter for Maine Lobster

    Weathering the Winter for Maine Lobster

      Maine Lobster Boat Lobstermen sorting Live Maine lobster On The Boat Every day we talk to hundreds of people from all over the country with questions about wild caught, Maine lobster. In January and February, we are often asked if lobsters are available in the winter months. Questions like “Do they actually catch lobster in the Winter? Isn’t it cold and icy?” And the answer is yes, there are many lobstermen who brave the cold, snow, wind and rough seas to bring home their catch during the winter months. They are a hearty bunch who throw on a few extra layers and foul weather gear

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