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  1. What Was Really Served at the First Thanksgiving? Lobster and Duck, Probably Not Turkey, and Definitely No Potatoes

    What was really served at the first Thanksgiving

    Picture it now: You’re sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. A giant turkey rests on a platter; mashed or sweet potatoes (or both) are heaped into a bowl; a warm pumpkin pie cools waiting for the main course to pass. For many, these are staples of a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal. But history shows none of these food items (well, maybe the turkey) were actually present at the first Thanksgiving in 1621. So what was actually served at the first Thanksgiving, you ask? Try duck, goose,

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  2. Show Some Mussel: How High-Tech Machines Are Bringing Seafood to Your Home

    mussel farming

    The thought might not cross your mind when chowing down on a pile of mussels, but it takes a lot to get those little shellfish from the ocean to your dinner table. Mussel farming sustainably is one challenge without over-fishing. Doing it and making a profit is another challenge altogether.

    Food blog Eater took a trip up here to Portland, Maine, to one of our sources for mussels,

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  3. Diving Into the Fascinating Life of a Lobster Mother

    Life of a lobster mother

    Here’s a note from Captain Obvious: The role of the mother is supremely important for any species, and it’s no different for lobsters. But like many ocean-dwelling creatures, humans don’t know much about the life of a lobster mother.

    As lobster lovers, we’re always working to share the best information about how nutritional and tasty lobsters can be,

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  4. Pearls of Wisdom from Amanda Moeser

    Pearls of Wisdom from Amanda Moeser

    For International Women’s Month, we set out to find delicious seafood that comes from sustainably sourced, women-run businesses.  We didn’t have to go far to find Amanda Moeser, owner/operator of Lanes Island Oysters.  Her oysters blew us away and her insight into the fishing industry and sustainable aquaculture is second-to-none.

    Amanda sat down to

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  5. Guide to Maine Lighthouses and Seafood

    Guide to Maine Lighthouses and Seafood

    Maine has 65 historic lighthouses still standing along nearly 5,000 miles of rugged coastline. This means that lighthouses are as emblematic of summertime in Maine as fresh seafood. It is nicknamed the lighthous state afterall. 

    At Maine Lobster Now, we are proud to call Maine our home, and because August 7th is officially National Lighthouse Day, we thought we would share with you a rundown of the best Maine lighthouses and

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  6. 7 Picnic Ready Summer Seafood Recipes

    summer seafood recipes

    Picnics are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, get some alone time, and indulge in seasonal fare all at once. These summer seafood recipes were created by a gourmet chef specifically using fresh seafood from Maine Lobster Now. Just pick your favorite recipe, place your order and schedule delivery on your day off then head to your favorite outdoor space in the woods or by the beach. Any of these recipes are the best way to experience Maine and partake in a taste of New England

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  7. Five of Our Favorite Maine Lobster Now Lobster Recipes

    Five of Our Favorite Maine Lobster Now Lobster Recipes

    Whether you are celebrating a holiday or just want to enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your home, these Maine favorites are always delicious. Each of these recipes come from our own Maine Lobster Now chef, making the most of our famous, fresh-caught lobster meat. You can make them with our premium lobster products, which are available

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  8. A Taste of Lobster History

    A Taste of Lobster History

    The History of Lobster

    Today, often when lobster is thought of, Maine Lobster comes to mind. But did you know that lobsters were being consumed in Europe before anyone sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas? Well, it’s true. Evidence has been found that yes, in fact, lobsters were being consumed in Europe before America was even found! When the British settlers first sailed to New England, there were so many lobsters off the coast that they didn’t even need to dive for them or catch the

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  9. "Fall" in Love with Portland, Maine

    "Fall" in Love with Portland, Maine

    Maine is known as Vacationland for good reason, and that's not exclusive to the summer months. Fall in Portland, Maine is just as magical as it is any other time of year. When the leaves start to turn and a crisp breeze moves through the air, the beauty and charm of Portland takes on a warm and welcoming vibe on a whole other level. 

    Life in Maine is all about living stress-free and

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  10. The Evolution of a Maine Symbol: The Lobster Boat

    The Evolution of a Maine Symbol: The Lobster Boat

    The lobster boat is a recognizable image that people all across the country associate with Maine.

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