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  1. A New England Holiday Gift Guide for Your Homesick Loved One

    A New England Holiday Gift Guide for Your Homesick Loved One

    'Tis the season to be jolly! With the joys of the holiday season comes the brain-twister of choosing the best gifts for your loved ones. Make choosing the right gift for your homesick New Englander easy with our collection of "wicked pissah" New England staples.

    New England — comprising Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut — holds a deep-rooted culture of various foods, symbols and handmade crafts that make memorable gifts. Get your gift-list out and consider these New England favorites for your loved one:

    1. New England Coffee

    New Englanders take their coffee very seriously. In fact, one of the most well-known coffee brands, Dunkin' Donuts, started in Massachusetts! Their original location — located in Quincy, Massa

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  2. Limited Online Holiday Orders

    Limited Online Holiday Orders

    At Maine Lobster Now, we value the support of our customers. That is why we want to be sure that you get all of the gifts and ingredients you need to celebrate the holidays this year. With that in mind, Maine Lobster Now is limiting the number of orders we are sending out this holiday season. As a loyal customer, we wanted to be sure that you are aware of this ahead of time so you can plan and act accordingly to still get everything you need to celebrate this year.  

    How to Guarantee You Get Your Maine Lobster Now Order On Time

    1 - Plan Ahead 

    Decide as early as possible which seafood ingredients you will need for your holiday meals and which items you want to give as gifts.

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  3. 10 New England Craft Beer and Seafood Pairings 

    New England seafood and beer

    New England craft beer and fresh seafood go together like tacos and tequila. Ordering from Maine Lobster Now you can enjoy this regional fare and experience Maine from anywhere in the United States. Whether you are preparing for Oktoberfest, or just want to enjoy the best New England seafood and beer pairings available with friends and family, this is the guide for you. 

    These are the best New England seafood and beer pairings: 

    1. Allagash White and Lobster Tail 

    The light citrus of Allagash White is the perfect Belgian-style beer to pair with the sweet, juicy lobster tail meat. 

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  4. 7 Picnic Ready Summer Seafood Recipes

    summer seafood recipes

    Picnics are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, get some alone time, and indulge in seasonal fare all at once. These summer seafood recipes were created by a gourmet chef specifically using fresh seafood from Maine Lobster Now. Just pick your favorite recipe, place your order and schedule delivery on your day off then head to your favorite outdoor space in the woods or by the beach. Any of these recipes are the best way to experience Maine and partake in a taste of New England summer from wherever you are in the U.S. 

    Before we get to the summer seafood recipes, it's essential to pack your food in a quality cooler to ensure they stay at the proper temperature. This list from Travel and Leisure provides a comprehensive breakdown of

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  5. Planning the Perfect Seafood Dinner Date Night In

    Date Night Lobster Dinner

    Have you been racking your brain to find that perfect plan for your next date night? You might jump right to thinking about the newest restaurants in your area or a new escape room that just opened up. The search can quickly get exhausting. Sometimes the perfect date night is one spent right at home with a home cooked meal made with premium fresh seafood from Maine Lobster Now. 

    Cooking a homemade meal featuring an entree with delicious crab or lobster makes for a fun and cozy evening, and it will definitely score you points in the thoughtfulness category. Why plan it all around seafood? There are a few reasons: seafood based meals are tasty, healthy, and often associated with romantic meals for the quality and aphrodisiac properties possessed by many seafood ingredients.

    Ready to get started? This is how you plan the perfect date

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  6. The Best Seafood Holiday Appetizers to Try This Year

    The Best Seafood Holiday Appetizers to Try This Year

    When it comes to planning an unforgettable party, especially during the holidays, the food is a top priority. It all has to be delicious and there needs to be enough for everyone–which is why appetizers are a must. 

    Seafood appetizers are decadant and unique enough to stand out at any party. 

    15 of the Best Seafood Appetizers to Make for Any Party 

    1. Corn and Lobster Fritters

    Get recipe

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  7. Holiday Seafood Gift Guide

    Holiday Seafood Gift Guide

    Through the 12 Days of Christmas my loved ones gave to me – my favorite foods fresh from the sea. If you aren’t sure what exactly to give the seafood lovers in your life this year, this blog is definitely for you. 

    Below is a list of the best seafood gifts from Maine Lobster Now, providing all of the holiday seafood gifting inspiration you will need this year. These products are also perfect for holiday parties and cozy nights at home. 

    14 Seafood Holiday Gifts From Maine Lobster Now

    1. Live Lobster 

    Our selection of live Maine lobsters range in size from 1 to 3 lbs. These make for a fun and festive ent

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  8. 13 Seafood Items to Grab On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    13 Seafood Items to Grab On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Cooking premium seafood dishes at home has never been easier thanks to fresh product and overnight delivery from Maine Lobster Now. So, why not take advantage of our pre-holiday sales to find gifts for loved ones and to stock up on your own personal favorites for the coming year. 

    Below we have highlighted some of the best deals, and must-stock-up-on items, available on our website. 

    13 Seafood Items to Stock Up On During Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

    The Basics

    These are all excellent

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  9. 15 Thanksgiving Seafood Sides

    15 Thanksgiving Seafood Sides

    Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time and sharing a decadent meal with the people we love. This year might look a bit different for some, but that doesn't mean this special time of year can't be just as special as ever. Sometimes small changes can make the day even more memorable. 

    One way to spice things up this Thanksgiving –without making any drastic changes– is to add a new side dish. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite Thanksgiving inspired seafood side dishes for you to consider adding to your dinner this year.

    15 Seafood Thanksgiving Sides 

    The first thing to remember when making any of these recipes is that a quality main ingredient is key. You can g

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  10. Wedding Menu Ideas for the Summer

    Wedding Menu Ideas for the Summer

    Seasonality plays a big role when you are planning any wedding, from the food and flowers to the venue. And, with long warm days and Mother Nature in full bloom, there isn't a more beautiful season for a wedding than summer. With all of that in mind, seafood is a great choice for any summertime wedding. It is seasonal, light, fresh, and full of flavor.

    In this post, we'll go over menu ideas for cocktail hour, main courses, sides and of course dessert.

    Cocktail Hour Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

    Get the party started during cocktail hour with drinks, tasty hors d'oeuvres and socializing. These appetizer and drink ideas are sure to put your guests in a festive mood.

    1. Appetizers

    A summer wedding reception is a perfect opportunity to serve beachy treats like fresh seafood and colorful salads. Consider serving 

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