1. How to Crack and Eat Crab Legs

    How to Crack and Eat Crab Legs

    It's no secret: Crab legs can be difficult to eat, which is why learning how to crack crab legs is worth it to ensure you pull out the delicious pieces of meat without shards of shell. If you're eating a whole crab, you'll also want to learn to extract the rich brown meat nestled in the cartilaginous channels in its body.

    In this article, we'll look at how to prepare your crab legs, how to crack crab legs without tools and how to eat your crab legs correctly. 

    Before You

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  2. Opillio Vs. Bairdi Alaskan Snow Crab - The Difference Explained

    Opilio Vs. Bairdi - Lets Talk Snow Crab


    Snow crab is beloved for its extraordinarily long, easy-to-crack legs. Although harvested in icy waters off the coast of Alaska, Snow crab gets its name from its flavorful meat, which turns to a snowy white when cooked. With a delicate texture, sweet taste and leg shells that can be easily cracked open with just your hands, it is easy to see why Alaska Snow crab has so many fans! This market name of “Snow Crab” actually refers to a few different sub

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  3. Maine Lobster Newburg

    lobster newburg with maine lobster meat


    Maine Lobster Newburg

    Yes, that's right! We're celebrating National #LobsterNewburgDay on today, March 25th, by sharing how to make this delicious, yet simple, recipe with you all. But we know there are quite a few of you wondering, "What is Lobster Newburg, anyway?" Well, lucky enough for you, we are here to tell you (and you don't even have

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  4. Authentic Guacamole with Jonah Crab Claws

    guacamole with jonah crab claws

    Authentic Guacamole with Jonah Crab Claws

    Let's be honest, everyone loves a good party dish. It brings your friends and family together and it's one thing that everyone can actually agree on: tasty food is never a bad thing. There is a strong difference, though, in coming up with a year-round party-pleasing plate and a memorable party-pleasing plate. That one plate you make at any time of year, where they can say, "Oh yeah! I'm so pumped

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  5. Seafood Holiday Gift Guide Any Foodie Would Love

    seafood holiday gift guide

    Looking for gift ideas that will both wow and satisfy someone's craving for delicious food? You've come to the right place. Add to your own wishlist or check off something from a foodie’s list using our complete seafood holiday gift guide.

    Our holiday seafood gift guide has plenty of gifting inspiration no matter your tastes or budget. Of course, we have plenty to offer the lobster lover in your life, but Maine Lobster Now also offers delicious Alaskan k

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  6. What Was Really Served at the First Thanksgiving? Lobster and Duck, Probably Not Turkey, and Definitely No Potatoes

    What was really served at the first Thanksgiving

    Picture it now: You’re sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. A giant turkey rests on a platter; mashed or sweet potatoes (or both) are heaped into a bowl; a warm pumpkin pie cools waiting for the main course to pass. For many, these are staples of a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal. But history shows none of these food items (well, maybe the turkey) were actually present at the first Thanksgiving in 1621. So what was actually served at the first Thanksgiving, you ask? Try duck, goose,

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  7. Thanksgiving Seafood Sides That Will Become New Dinner Favorites

    Thanksgiving Seafood Sides That Will Become New Dinner Favorites

    Sure, Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with family and friends, but that time is spent sharing a decadent meal of which we sometimes wish we had not grabbed a second plateful (What? Just me?). If you're looking to really impress your dinner guests this year, might we suggest a little more variety to go with the bird and serve these Thanksgiving seafood side dishes at the table?

    Adding new Thanksgiving seafood side dishes is a great way

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  8. Game Day Seafood Recipes and Appetizers

    game-day seafood recipes

    When it’s game day, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen making elaborate meals. You’d rather be chilling out and relaxing watching the game. If you need easy ways to spice up classic game-day recipes, check out our list of delicious game-day seafood recipes and other seafood appetizers that will have you spending more time cheering on the couch and less time searing in the kitchen.

    The star of many of these game-day seafood recipes is

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  9. Best Craft Beer and Seafood Pairings 

    Best seafood and beer pairings

    Having the perfect appetizers, side dishes, and desserts to go with your seafood meal is highly important. But just as important is having the right beverage nearby to bring out the full flavor of your seafood. When it comes to seafood,

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  10. How Do Rising Ocean Temperatures Affect New England Sea Life?

    rising ocean temperatures affect lobsters

    The lobster industry in Maine is boomin’. Between 1994 and 2014, Maine’s lobster landings (i.e. what is caught and brought to ports) rose to 124 million pounds, a 219% increase. The University of Maine estimated in 2018 that lobster fishing generated more than $500 million to our economy. What’s behind this incredible growth? It may surprise some to learn the answer is climate change, specifically warming ocean water. How exactly did rising ocean temperatures affect the Maine lobster industry?

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