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Why Maine Lobster

  1. 5 Important Benefits of Prioritizing Sustainable Seafood

    prioritizing sustainable seafood

    Sustainably sourced seafood is the most “environmentally efficient source of protein on the planet,” according to NOAA Fisheries. It's important to note that both wild-caught and farmed seafood can be considered sustainably sourced. 

    Sustainability matters to us because, from the start, out goal has always been to connect customers in the U.S. with access to the freshest and healthiest seafood available. At Maine Lobster Now, we are dedicated to providing information about the sourcing of our products and the regions that they come from to the fullest extent possible. Enjoying the benefits of healthy seafood shouldn’t be a privilege based on where you live alone. This is the primary difference between ordering seafood from us online, and buying it at your local grocery store. When you o

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  2. Limited Online Holiday Orders

    Limited Online Holiday Orders

    At Maine Lobster Now, we value the support of our customers. That is why we want to be sure that you get all of the gifts and ingredients you need to celebrate the holidays this year. With that in mind, Maine Lobster Now is limiting the number of orders we are sending out this holiday season. As a loyal customer, we wanted to be sure that you are aware of this ahead of time so you can plan and act accordingly to still get everything you need to celebrate this year.  

    How to Guarantee You Get Your Maine Lobster Now Order On Time

    1 - Plan Ahead 

    Decide as early as possible which seafood ingredients you will need for your holiday meals and which items you want to give as gifts.

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  3. How Eating More Seafood Will Boost Your Immune System

    How Eating More Seafood Will Boost Your Immune System

    Seafood Boosts the Immune System 

    The healthiest regional cuisines in the world all incorporate seafood as a main source of protein. This includes the Nordic, Mediterranean, and Japanese diets. These areas of the world are home to some of the healthiest and happiest people on the planet.  Seafood contains a variety of essential nutrients that support the immune system by promoting overall health and preventing inflammation. 

    Research on the Health Benefits of Regularly Eating Seafood

    According to research done by the Harvard School of Public Health, eating two or more servings of fish each week will boost the immune system. This will help you avoid illness and aid in preventing the development of any chronic health conditions in the future. 

    The study found

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  4. Things You Should Know About Grocery Delivery In Uncertain Times

    Things You Should Know About Grocery Delivery In Uncertain Times

    Online grocery delivery is becoming increasingly popular. The popularity is really no surprise considering how busy we all are and convenient this service is. You can shop for anything from fresh cut flowers and pantry staples to fresh overnight seafood delivery. All you have to do is browse online, select your groceries, pay, then just wait for them to arrive right at your front door. 

    Time is a huge factor in why so many people now order their groceries this way. It is also a great way to alleviate any worry if you forget an ingredient or just don’t have time to stop by a grocery store. Not to mention, when illnesses start spreading, like during cold and flu season, it provides a safe option to continue regularly receiving fresh food without additional human contact. It is important to note that in regards to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the CDC says that there is no evidence of the illness s

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  5. Father's Day Seafood Gift Guide

    Father's Day Seafood Gift Guide

    When Father's Day comes around each year many of us are left wondering how we can really make it clear to our dads how special they are. Why not tell him with seafood? After all, the saying goes that the best way to reach a man's heart is through his stomach. In this seafood gift guide we will share all of the best seafood ingredients that you can gift dad this year.  

    A Father's Day Seafood Gift from Maine

    Whether your dad enjoys being the chef, or you want to treat him to a home cooked meal, a gift of Maine Lobster Now fresh seafood is sure to leave a lasting impression.

    Fresh Live Lobster

    Ranging in size from 1 to 15 pounds each, our live lobsters provide both a fun cooking experience and a delicious New England style meal. We ship our live lobsters overnight,

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  6. Types of Alaskan Crab: How to Choose the One for You

    Crab meat is a seafood staple that shows how deceptive outward appearance can be — sometimes the best things lie beneath the surface. In this case, buttery-sweet meat is the reward for anyone who takes a crack at this crustacean cuisine. But all crab meat is not the same. Multiple bodies of water are teeming with unique crab species that differ in size, weight and taste. Among these places, Alaska and the Bering Sea stand out. Alaska provides 29 percent of the world supply of crab.

    An Overview of The Types of Alaskan Crabs

    The main types of Alaskan Crab are the following: Alaskan King crab, R

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  7. Snow Crab vs. King Crab

    Snow Crab vs. King Crab

    After deciding you want to add crab to an upcoming menu, one choice still remains. Which kind? Snow Crab and King crab are two of the most popular options available. Both provide that classic sweet white meat with shades of crimson we are all familiar with. The meat primarily comes from the legs in both. You can even prepare them the same way.

    So what are the differences between Snow crab and King crab? Why choose one over the other?



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  8. Lobster Spices

    Do you love the clean, tempting taste of freshly caught, freshly prepared seafood? When it comes to our favorite maritime meals, there's no dish more delicious as both a delicacy and a down-home dinner than fresh lobster. From a plentiful shellfish used in abundance in the early days of America to a pricey, precious delicacy reserved for fancy dinners, the crustacean is an American classic we savor in so many ways — from candlelit dinners to backyard barbeques.

    Freshly caught, live lobsters from clean, clear waters make the best meals, and while you can find this saltwater delicacy down the East coast from Newfoundland to North Carolina, the best and most abundant lobster supplies come from Maine, which boasts a $533 million a

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  9. New England Ghost Stories

    New England overflows with ghost stories.

    From the Salem witch trials to the tale of Mercy Brown, Rhode Island's vampire, the cold and forested New England states are a perfect backdrop for frightening events. Even small northern states like New Hampshire and Vermont have more than their share of ghost stories.

    But perhaps the eeriest legends come from the coast.

    Maybe it's because of its mystery and unpredictability, but the ocean seems to attract legends and stories. The gray and stormy New England coast is filled with unexplained phenomena — almost every community has stories of ghosts, from remote lighthouses to wind-swept islands.

    Here are four of New England's most unnerving coastal legends, just in time for fall.

    1. The Pirate Curse o

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  10. How Do Rising Ocean Temperatures Affect New England Sea Life?

    Lobsters, crab, fish, coral, turtles and other aquatic animals enrich New England waters, and for New England residents, life on the northeastern coast revolves around the sea — whether it's having a friend who works at a fishery, having a regular appetite for delectable crustacean dishes, enjoying the sound of crashing waves or waiting for the next sailing adventure. The ocean is a center that many benefit from and many depend on.

    Increasing shifts in sea surface temperatures alter this thriving area's sea life. Lobstermen, marine biologists and residents of the region have noticed the ebb and flow of species in smaller pockets of the New England coast and in the overall region, and one thing is certain — temperature and sea level differences matter.

    The temperature of the sea has been dutifully and reliably tracked since the

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