12 Lobster Game Day Dishes

There is nothing like unwinding with friends, some food, and a cold beer, while watching your favorite team win a game. Wings and nachos are popular game day appetizers, but what about adding lobster to the mix? Tell guests you'll be serving all the classics with a crustacean twist, and they'll be at your door for more than socializing and beer. Try something new this year with fresh seafood from Maine Lobster Now. 

Game Day Recipes Featuring Lobster

You can add lobster to just about any favorite appetizer. For example, you can add cooked lobster meat to mac and cheese for an extraordinary main event. Or, instead of topping potato skins with bacon and chives, pile cooked lobster meat and parsley on top. As you'll see, there are plenty of ways to give old dishes new life and succulent flavor with lobster. Here are just a few ideas. lobster dishes for super bowl

1. Lobster Guacamole

Guacamole is a game day staple. Just about everyone loves to dip chips into creamy, spicy guacamole. You can be adventurous with guacamole and add mix-ins like fruit, nuts or even lobster. To make lobster guacamole, you'll mash avocado with ingredients like cilantro, scallions and lemon juice. Add chopped cooked lobster meat and diced tomatoes, and kick up the heat with jalapenos, cayenne pepper or a few dashes of hot sauce. Serve lobster guacamole with chips and chopped veggies, or encourage guests to use it as a delicious sandwich topping.

2. Lobster Nachos

It's true – crunchy nachos smothered in cheese are yummy on their own. If you want to make nachos even more mouthwatering, you only need to add lobster. To prepare lobster nachos, line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, and spread out a layer of corn chips or tortilla chips. Add cooked lobster meat and shredded Monterey Jack and provolone cheese, followed by another layer of chips, lobster, and cheese. Bake until the cheese is melted and golden, and then top with an array of colorful fresh toppings. You might pile on shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, fresh parsley and cilantro. As a tip, don't add any ingredients you want to keep fresh until after you bake the nachos in the oven. Serve lobster nachos with guacamole, hot sauce, sour cream and a sweet tropical salsa like pineapple or mango salsa.

3. Lobster Roll Sliders

Lobster roll sliders are smaller versions of classic New England lobster rolls. These handheld sandwiches are easy to eat and fit nicely on a snack plate next to other goodies. To make lobster roll sliders, you'll first throw together a simple lobster salad by mixing cooked lobster meat with ingredients such as mayonnaise, minced shallot and seasoning. Next, spoon the salad onto buttered toasted dinner rolls and get ready to watch these mini sandwiches fly. You can prepare the salad hours before the party and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to assemble the sliders.

4. Lobster Dip

Guests might expect taco dip or spinach dip during the big game–surprise them with lobster dip instead! You'll hear cheering before the game begins. You can make an effortless, rich and delicious baked lobster dip by mixing a few ingredients like mayonnaise, shredded cheese, chives and cooked lobster meat. After baking the mixture until it's hot and beautifully browned on the top, set it out with crunchy kettle-cooked potato chips for an unforgettable game day snack.

5. Lobster Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are a popular game-time snack. Add lobster and bacon to these spicy delights, and you'll never look back. To make lobster bacon jalapeno poppers, you'll mix cooked, chopped lobster meat with melted butter, chives and hot sauce, then spoon the mixture into jalapeno halves. Wrap the halves with bacon slices and toss them in the oven until the bacon is browned.

6. Lobster Deviled Eggs

To many partygoers, deviled eggs are a must-have. These satisfying treats are easy to prepare and add a touch of elegance to a game day party. To make lobster deviled eggs, you'll first make deviled eggs as you usually would by boiling the eggs, removing the yolks, and mashing the yolks with mayonnaise and seasonings. You'll then add chopped cooked lobster meat to the yolk mixture. Make sure to save some of the lobster pieces for a tasty garnish. Sprinkle dill and paprika on each deviled egg and enjoy.

Other Seafood to Spice up Traditional Game Day Dishes

If lobster doesn't float your boat, or if the Patriots are playing, you have many other New England seafood options. Seafood is highly versatile and can be added to an endless array of dishes or shine on its own. Here are a few seafood-inspired ideas. seafood super bowl party

1. Fried Oysters

Fried foods taste amazing with cold carbonated beverages like beer, so you may want to give fried oysters a shot at your party. Non-seafood lovers might even find these juicy, crunchy treats hard to resist. You might fry oysters using a beer batter or a crispy cornmeal batter. To fry cornmeal-coated oysters, for example, you'll need oysters, cornmeal, flour, eggs, sugar, a few seasonings and vegetable oil for frying. After coating the oysters in the cornmeal mixture, fry them in batches for a few minutes until they are golden. Fried oysters are delicious served with tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, chipotle lime dressing or remoulade. You can even serve these in dinner rolls for fried oyster sliders.

2. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Slightly sweet and salty, bacon-wrapped scallops are easy to make and sure to please. All you need to do is wrap scallops in bacon, hold them together with toothpicks and toss them under the broiler until the bacon is cooked. Serve the scallops with a spicy mayonnaise and cilantro for bold party-worthy flavor.

3. Crab Cakes

Savory, buttery crab cakes are delicious enough to suit any occasion. Crab cakes of all shapes and sizes involve whisking together ingredients like cooked crab, breadcrumbs, eggs and seasoning, and then frying the cakes in a skillet. You can make mini crab cakes for an easy-to-grab appetizer. For the dipping sauce, consider whipping up a spicy tartar sauce made with Cajun seasoning or a creamy herbed aioli.

4. Shrimp Ceviche

Shrimp ceviche is refreshing, light and perfect for adding balance to a buffet of heavy comfort foods. The bright flavors and colors of tomato, cooked shrimp, cilantro, lemon and lime make this an uplifting appetizer everyone can enjoy. Serve shrimp ceviche with tortilla chips.

5. No-Bake Buffalo Shrimp Dip

Buffalo chicken dip is usually a hit at any party. People crave the combination of spicy, salty Buffalo wing sauce with creamy cheese. You can make this classic dip divine by replacing chicken with shrimp. To make Buffalo shrimp dip, you'll mix cream cheese, Buffalo wing sauce and chopped cooked shrimp. Add seafood seasoning and minced green onion to enhance the flavor. You can make this dip in ten minutes, and it does not require baking. Serve with crackers or veggies.

6. Clam Chowder

Chili is a traditional game day dish. It's simple, hearty and helps counter the effects of alcohol. However, a warming bowl of New England clam chowder is a pleasant surprise and an ideal soup for a cold winter day. New England clam chowder dates back to the earliest days in America, and there are several kinds of clam chowders today. However, unlike Manhattan clam chowder, which uses a tomato base, New England clam chowder is favored for its thick, creamy base. You can make a pot of clam chowder easily with heavy cream, clams and potatoes. Serve the soup with oyster crackers, croutons or sliced crusty bread.

Game Day Cooking Tips

You got the recipes, the ingredients and the alcohol – how do you throw it all together in time for the game? Here's how to make your celebration stress-free.

1. Prepare as Much as You Can Ahead of Time

To enjoy a smooth sailing party, you'll want to prep as much food as you can pregame. You can prepare many food items the day before or in the morning the day of the game, such as unbaked dips, chopped veggies, sauces, and salsa. You can also cook larger dishes like clam chowder ahead of time and reheat the soup on the stove top before guests arrive. You'll want to cook items you plan to bake or fry before the game starts. If you prepare fried foods too early and store them in the refrigerator, they can get soggy. The key to remember is – the more you plan, the easier it will be. prepare ahead of time It also helps to diversify your menu, so you aren't cramming too many items in the oven or on the stove top at once. Try to include dishes you can bake and cook on top of the stove at the same time. Offer lots of nonperishable snacks like popcorn, chips or nuts to keep guests happy just in case you need a little more time. Lastly, we recommend cooking earlier than you usually would. In other words, if the pre-game show starts at 1 p.m., and the baked crab dip takes a half hour to make, begin the cooking process at noon.

2. How to Keep Food Warm

You can use a slow cooker to keep main courses, like clam chowder or chili, warm. Simply set the slow cooker on the lowest setting. You might also invest in a chafing dish or an electric plate warmer to keep food warm. You can keep other appetizers warm by holding them in the oven set at 200 F. Lastly, covering dishes with aluminum foil will help trap heat and keep food warm in between servings.

Beverages to Pair With Lobster on Game Day

To keep guests merry as they wait for the next yummy lobster appetizer to arrive, make sure to have plenty of refreshing beverages on hand. Here are some drinks that taste splendid with lobster and other seafood dishes.

1. Cocktails and Punch

Sweet, colorful cocktails add a festive spirit to the occasion and taste wonderful with salty snacks, dips and dishes. For example, if you plan to serve lobster nachos with lime wedges, or citrusy shrimp ceviche, whip up a large refreshing pitcher of margaritas made of tequila, triple sec and lime juice – perfect for tropical seafood appetizers. A savory lobster bloody mary is another option to combine zesty tomato flavors with a variety of lobster dishes. Or try colorful fourth-quarter punch which mixes Campari, gin, beer and orange juice to lend a hint of citrus to a dish. Serve non-drinkers this lime green punch which incorporates fruity flavors such as pineapple and lemon.

2. Wine

White wine goes well with any seafood dish. As a general rule, aim to have a bottle of wine per guest so that there's more than enough to go around. A bright, light wine brings seafood flavors to life without overwhelming delicate lobster, shrimp or white fish. Try wines like pinot grigio, chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. If you're not sure what to get, you can't go wrong with sparkling wine or champagne.

3. Beer

Game day would not feel complete without beer. Beer in cans or bottles can easily be placed around the room in coolers or buckets of ice so guests never have to leave the game to get a refill. Cold carbonated beer tastes excellent with salty, oily game day snacks. Beer also pairs great with lobster. If you're having a lobster-themed game day party, stock up on wheat beers like Belgian wit beer, which perfectly complements the sweet, buttery flavors of lobster meat. For cheesy lobster dishes, go with a Belgian tripel to cut through the fat. Pair crab dishes with Belgian saisons and oysters with dark, toasty stouts.

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