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  1. Everything You Need to Know About Lump Lobster Meat 

    lobster meat

    Sometimes you just want to buy lump lobster meat to put in your favorite recipes, on salads, in soups, or even just to enjoy on its own. We agree, already shelled lobster meat is amazing and versatile. 

    Fresh vs. Frozen Lobster Meat

    First let’s go over the basics. Fresh vs. frozen lobster meat. The only way to get fresh lobster meat, is to catch or order a live lobster. Maine Lobster Now does offer live lobsters in a variety of sizes that we can overnight directly to your home.

    All of our lump lobster meat is frozen. What makes ours the best available is that it is still frozen directly after it is cooked and vacuum sealed to ensure quality and f

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  2. Planning the Perfect Seafood Dinner Date Night In

    Date Night Lobster Dinner

    Have you been racking your brain to find that perfect plan for your next date night? You might jump right to thinking about the newest restaurants in your area or a new escape room that just opened up. The search can quickly get exhausting. Sometimes the perfect date night is one spent right at home with a home cooked meal made with premium fresh seafood from Maine Lobster Now. 

    Cooking a homemade meal featuring an entree with delicious crab or lobster makes for a fun and cozy evening, and it will definitely score you points in the thoughtfulness category. Why plan it all around seafood? There are a few reasons: seafood based meals are tasty, healthy, and often associated with romantic meals for the quality and aphrodisiac properties possessed by many seafood ingredients.

    Ready to get started? This is how you plan the perfect date

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  3. The Lobster Roll 10 Ways

    The Lobster Roll 10 Ways

    Lobster rolls are a beloved culinary delight and serious topic for seafood lovers everywhere. When done right they make for an unforgettable entree. The definition of the “right” way to make a lobster roll is often up for a bit of debate. There are many takes on this long time classic and we have rounded up the best of them. But, whether you want to make a simple, more traditional lobster roll, or you are interested in putting a unique spin on this delicious sandwich, these recipes cover it all.

    10 Easy Ways to Make a Perfect Lobster Roll

    First let’s cover the basics before you decide which approach you want to take when making your own lobster rolls at home.

    The most important thing to know:regardless of which recipe you choose, you will want fresh high-quality lobsterlump meat. You can either purchase meat that has already been

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  4. Proper Way to De-Shell and Eat a Whole Lobster

    Proper Way to De-Shell and Eat a Whole Lobster

    Proper Way to De-Shell and Eat a Whole Lobster

    Imagine you're on vacation. You're in a new country, experiencing a new culture, seeing new sites, learning new customs.

    You sit down at a restaurant and order a meal you've never heard of. Then the waiter comes back and plops a whole squid onto your plate — tentacles and all.

    Horrified? Don't be. Seafood is the staple of a lot of international cuisines, and when you're traveling, you should embrace the unfamiliar. Besides, some well-seasoned calamari are not only delicious, but actually very easy to eat.

    But what about lobster?

    Ah, lobster. The crown jewel of so many seafood restaurants. And yet the terrorizer of so many eaters. It may look intimidating, especially when coupled with a new place, a waiter impatiently trying to help you order off a French menu or t

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  5. Quick Scallop Guide

    Quick Scallop Guide

    Our Guide to Types and Sizes of Scallops

    Here at Maine Lobster Now we have expanded our menu with more Sea Scallop options

    Since our start, we have offered the 10/20 variety of scallops. As you will see we now also offer the smaller 20/30 variety and jumbo U-10 and U-8 sea scallop varieties.

    For those who are unfamiliar with these scallop descriptions, we'll explain so you can choose the option that best suits your culinary needs. 

    Sea Scallop Sizes Explained

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  6. Maine Vs. Canadian Lobsters Vs. California Lobsters Vs. Australian Lobsters

    Maine Vs. Canadian Lobsters Vs. California Lobsters Vs. Australian Lobsters


    The American Lobster known as the “Homarus Americanus”, is a species of lobster found in the Atlantic coast of North America. It is also known as Canadian Lobster, True Lobster, Northern Lobster, Canadian Reds, or Maine Lobster.

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  7. Differences Between Hard, Firm, and Soft Shell Maine Lobsters

    Differences Between Hard, Firm, and Soft Shell Maine Lobsters

    When purchasing lobster, many people wonder if they should go with soft or hard shell Maine lobsters. 

    Hard vs. Soft Shell Lobsters

    Hard shell lobsters overall, are the lobsters you want to arrive fresh to your door. They provide more meat per pound, and will be less messy while consuming due to there being minimal amounts of sea water inside of the shell. Soft shell lobsters provide LESS meat than a hard shell. Less meat allows more water inside of the lobster. This extra water however does make the meat a bit more tender, but the consumption of a soft shell lobster is still messier. 20 to 40 percent of soft shell lobster shipments arrive expired or deceased and can certainly damper the fun experience of opening a live box of lobsters. Firm shell lobsters of course fall between these two on the spectrum. Here at Maine Lobster Now, we ship hard shell lobsters because they are packed full of meat and are the ones that can survive the travel to ensure your shipment of fresh live Maine lobsters arrive in great condition.  

    If you want to know more, here is a break down of the differences between hard and soft shell lobster. 

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  8. How Does a Lobster Trap Work?

    How Does a Lobster Trap Work?

    Lobster fishing is hard, physically demanding work. It involves long hours, harsh weather conditions, and an unpredictable and unforgiving work environment.

    The men and women that go out to sea to catch our favorite crustaceans put themselves through a lot of tough physical and mental work. Although, it’s a difficult job that only some are cut out for, ironically the method of actually catching the lobsters is pretty simple. I’m talking about the lobster trap itself. Being invented over 200 years ago, this contraption hasn’t changed much since the 1800s. The only major change to the lobster trap is that instead of being built with wood, we now use plastic or metal frames. However, their function and basic design have remained the same.

    So, how does a lobster trap work? It’s very simple. Lobsters walk along the ocean floor in depths from 20 to 100 feet. Lobster traps are made for the lob

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