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Locally Sourced Seafood

We take pride in sourcing all of our seafood locally. We know the area, and we know the people. We buy lobsters directly from fishermen, sort them out, and ship them right to you. All of our staff are Maine residents. This is important because we grew up in the seafood industry, and things that are common knowledge for locals may be unknown to someone new to the area. That's why we think experience matters when you have to decide on where to buy seafood online. Having people that understand the local seafood market make a difference in quality. We know what to look for. We sort through all of our seafood by hand at our quality control center. We have a state of the art lobster holding tank, which ensures your lobster will be in great condition upon arrival.

We source our seafood from local fishermen 
What you may want to learn about is our competition, most of these companies are not in Maine. They may say they are from Maine or in Maine, but most are marketing companies from Chicago. One competitor is actually located in Rhode Island and still advertises a Maine lobster! We are a Maine company with Maine people. When you buy from a Maine company, you support Maine's local economy. I understand we all want to help our own communities, however, we are a proud sponsor of the Lobster Institute, and you can rest assured some of our profits go to support sustainable lobster fishing. We pride ourselves in supporting long-term industry growth over short term profits. We sell only wild-caught Maine lobsters and we can get a lobster party together for your family or event.

Locally Sourced Seafood You Can Trace Back to Maine

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from? We do too! Being able to trace your meal back to its origin is a huge part of eating healthy and having confidence in your meal. We only eat local farm-fresh foods, and so that is all we sell. We avoid processed foods, GMOs, and animals that are raised in an inhumane environment at all costs. Pesticides and preservatives are something we avoid at all costs. We want you to know how important your food is to us. Every item we sell can be traced back to the lobstermen and/or harvest area.   Locally Sourced Seafood From Maine

Locally Sourced Maine Seafood

Traceable Seafood - We Buy Lobsters Direct From Fishermen

Buy Lobster Direct From Fishermen

We can trace our lobsters back to the fishermen

  We buy direct from fishermen, better yet we know them! And even better than that, we've known them our entire life. One benefit of buying lobsters from Maine Lobster Now is that we are 2 generations into the lobster business. We have relationships with fishermen dating back to upwards of 20 years with their parents. The family ties into the fishing business go very deep, and we are delighted to be a part of the fishing community. Because we buy year-round, we service our fishermen all year so we can keep on going working relationships with these hard-working men and women. Let's face it, without these guys, we wouldn't have any lobster! So thank you! Our great relationships mean consistent quality Maine seafood for our customers.

Strict Quality Control Standards

We know Maine seafood. Yes, we've been saying it and it's not to brag. We really enjoy the industry and love helping serve up the freshest seafood and teaching others about our practices. Some things you can learn about the lobster business pretty quickly, like the difference between hardshell lobsters and soft shell lobsters, but learning about lobster migration patterns and when they will shed, and how these patterns affect pricing, we are always studying different patterns to become an industry leader. After years of handling fresh seafood, we know how to handle, package, and store seafood properly. It's a little more complicated than "don't break it and keep it cold." What about shelf life for each product? How many times have the mussels been purged? Are lobsters moving into deeper waters, and what does that mean for our customers? We have worked out the problems and really only buy the good stuff. Trust us, we could buy a cheaper product and offer rock-bottom prices, but we don't. We know seafood is already expensive, so we really deliver the best seafood Maine has to offer, even if it costs us a little more. We care much more about long term relationships with our customers than a quick deal or sale.

We understand FDA guidelines as it's something we have grown up around in food processing. Logging cooler temperatures and taking food temps is something we have done for years, and we don't mess around when it comes to our customer's food or health.

Hand Picked and Hand Sorted

All of our lobsters are sorted by hand. Matt Snow, a local lobsterman from a family of fishermen, manages our lobster handling. He understands sustainability and the difference between a good lobster and a bad lobster. We sort through every lobster by hand so you know your box is carefully packed.

About Our Lobster Tanks - Better Tanks Means Better Lobsters

The water your lobsters are stored in can make a big difference in the lobsters' taste and overall lifespan. The goal here is to replicate ocean water near the ocean floor. Having a lobster tank is great for lobster quality because sometimes lobsters actually have more energy after getting into a great tank system after a lobsterman has been holding them on their boat. Having a tank is great for purging. In a nutshell, to purge your lobsters is to introduce them to the tank water in a separate container where they will eliminate waste (urinate and defecate).

Critical Parts of Our Lobster Tank:

  • Salt Water - We truck in ocean water so we know the salt content is exactly the same as the ocean. Lobsters would not survive in freshwater.
  • Cold Water- We have 'chillers' that keep the water temperature cold. Typically we store lobsters below 40° Fahrenheit. Temperature is critical because as lobsters travel, they are warming up, and if lobsters aren't stored below 40° Fahrenheit, they will not survive for long. Want more info on storing lobsters yourself? Learn how to store live lobsters.
  • Aeration of Water - We have a 'bubbler' system with fans that blow air into PVC pipes with holes so there is fresh air 'bubbling' in the tank water. This is critical because it removes carbon dioxide and increases the oxygen saturation of the water.
  • Live Nitrifying Bacteria - This is where most people screw up honestly. There is a normal level of various bacterias in the ocean which lobsters need to survive, if there are too much bacteria or not enough, lobsters will not survive. Nitrifying bacteria reduces dangerous ammonia and nitrite, which is harmful to crustaceans.
  • Filter Bed - Because we purge our lobsters in our tank, we need to filter the waste. We have a system that cycles out all lobster urinate and defecate to reduce ammonia levels. This keeps the water clean for fresh lobsters coming in needing to purge also. Without a filter bed, ammonia levels will rise and lobster fatality rate will rise also.


Lobster Tank

Did you know lobsters cannot live in saltwater tanks without bacteria?