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Julian Klenda Hello and Welcome!

My name is Julian Klenda and I grew up in Maine and have worked for my family seafood business for over 14 years. My father, David Klenda, wholesales lobsters locally to restaurants and stores. He started his company by selling shrimp out of his truck on the side of the road over 30 years ago. He came to Maine after he met my mother when he was traveling playing baseball for the Mets. My parents met in Virginia Beach, VA and fell in love, he moved here with her to start a family! He was originally from Kansas. His business has grown substantially since selling out of his truck 30 years ago. I helped him manage his business, Klenda Seafood, and recently started my own company, Maine Lobster Now, a Maine lobster home delivery service.

I was in college for business and always wanted to sell lobsters nationwide. I know so many of my relatives from the mid-west love Maine Lobster! I wanted to find a way to buy lobster locally and deliver lobster overnight to the mid west. I developed my business idea while I was in college and started shipping Maine lobster across the country. I have been in the industry my entire life. I buy lobster from fishermen every day and I know how to deliver the freshest Maine lobsters right to your door!

I recently have began taking on various avenues to deliver lobster overnight to different parts of the world. Although international trade can be risky, I am willing to take on any challenge for shipping lobsters. Our facility is large enough to handle substantial orders. When we built this facility, we constructed a temperature controlled tank. This way the life of our lobster is prolonged because of cleaner, colder water. This makes our Maine lobsters live longer than the competition.

I recently began selling Maine lobster tails. Like all of our other products offered online, these lobster tails are exclusively from Maine and are also antibiotic free. You may notice that our tail sizes are not as large as our competition. That is because the largest tail a Maine lobster can produce is 14 ounces. Anything larger than that must have been shipped down from Canada and we do not sell Canadian products.

Our family has been in business for over 30 years. Get your next Maine lobster delivered from the Klenda Family.

Julian Klenda,
Founder and Owner

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