Butter Warmer

Quality Ceramic Butter Dish
Holds One Tealight
Contributes to a Fine Dining Experience

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The Perfect Seafood Butter Warmer

Enhance your dining experience with a high quality 2 oz butter warmer. This butter warmer allows you to keep butter on the table, warm, and ready to enjoy on the side of your favorite seafood dishes. It also provides an ambiance, allowing you to create a special atmosphere at home with a delicious meal.

Keep Flavor on the Side with a Butter Warmer

The bottom of each butter warmer has space for a single tealight. This keeps the butter consistently melted while adding a touch of ambiance to any space you are dining in. The 2 oz butter dish is made of a high-quality ceramic, which is safe and keeps the butter's flavor and quality intact.

Order a Butter Warmer with Your Seafood Today

Place your order today and receive a butter warmer with the rest of your seafood favorites. Best of all, it saves you a trip to the store.