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Everything You Need to Know About Maine vs. Canadian Lobster

Apr 02, 2024Steve

Maine and Canadian lobsters are the same species – Homarus Americanus. Along with Maine lobster or Canadian lobster, this species is also branded regularly as True lobster, Northern lobster, or as Canadian Reds. Despite being the same species, there are some differences worth noting: 

Maine Lobsters vs. Canadian Lobsters

At Maine Lobster Now, we offer both Maine and Canadian lobsters. Our jumbo lobsters come from Canada due to differences in fishing regulations between Canada and the United States. The main difference worth noting however is that the slightly warmer, yet still cold, waters of Maine provide the most ideal lobster meat. Maine lobster meat is sweet and tender, while the Canadian lobster comes in larger sizes. 

The true difference to keep an eye on when comparing lobsters is cold water vs. warm water lobsters. Or rather, Maine and Canadian (cold water) lobsters compared to California and Australian lobsters (warm water). 

Fun Facts about Maine and Canadian Lobsters

  • They thrive in cold, shallow water preferring a depth of anywhere between 13 and 164 feet. However, they can at times be found in depths up to 1500 feet. They prefer these shallow areas because they like to have a lot of rocks around so they can hide from predators. 
  • This lobster species is known and prized for its sweet flavor, tender meat, gian claws, and hard shells. 
  • Lobster was once considered a "poor man's food" before becoming the luxury gourmet item we know it as today. 


Cold Water vs. Warm Water Lobsters

Maine and Canadian lobsters are both cold water lobsters, which feature harder shells and are known for their sweet, tender meat. While cold water lobster meat is tender, it is also firmer, meaning the meat breaks off in hunks that are perfect for a lobster roll or to add to a favorite recipe. Cold water lobsters also get larger, offering more meat. 

Warm water lobsters, like those caught in California and Australia are smaller. Their meat is less firm and doesnt tend to have the hint of sweetness that cold water lobsters are loved for. The tail meat is the only part of a warm water lobster that can be eaten. 

Ultimately, cold water lobsters are higher quality and more sought after, which also increases the price. In our opinion, it's worth it to opt for a cold water lobster when given the choice. 

Overview of Each Lobster Type by Region


lobster comparison chart


Buy Maine and Canadian Lobsters From Maine Lobster Now

We offer a variety of wild-caught live lobsters and lobster tails. If you aren't sure which size you want to try, check out our lobster size comparison chart for reference. We also have easy-to-follow cooking instructions and recipe inspiration to ensure your at-home lobster experience is delicious and unforgettable. 

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