Fresh Lobster Claw Meat - 1 lb

 Fully Cooked Claw and Knuckle Meat

 Made From Maine Lobsters

 Hand-Picked for Quality

 Sustainably Sourced

 Perfect for Lobster Rolls

 Never Frozen

 Excellent Source of Protein

 Heart Healthy

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Product Description

Order 1 lb. of Fresh Maine Lobster Claw Meat

Sourced sustainably from wild-caught Maine lobsters, your dinner routine will get a much-needed upgrade when you order our fresh lobster claw meat. Lobster claw meat is the premium option to give any meal some extra zing. Our lobster claw meat comes fully cooked, making it ideal to use in lobster rolls, or as the main ingredient in any one of our many chef-prepared lobster recipes, like lobster grilled cheese or a lobster BLTA.

Sustainably Harvested Lobster Claw Meat

To ensure the long-term population of this coastal crustacean – which supports thousands of independently owned businesses here in Maine and all along the North Atlantic coast – we only use lobsters that are wild-caught and sustainably sourced. When you order from Maine Lobster Now, you can feel confident you’re eating great-tasting lobster that’s good for the ocean.

Unmatched Quality and Freshness

Maine Lobster Now delivers lobster claw meat that tastes better than our competition because it’s fresher. Our lobster claw meat is fully cooked, sealed airtight, and shipped fresh to your door the next day. It’s like having lobster served to you at a restaurant right here along the majestic Maine shoreline.

Where Your Lobster Comes From

We sustainably source our lobster claw meat directly from independently owned wharfs just a few miles from our headquarters here in Maine and along the expansive Maine coastline. These docks trace all lobster landings to every lobsterman and woman who catches them, and we trace our lobsters to every dock where they landed.

Serving Size

The Serving Size of Fresh Lobster Claw Meat

If you’ve never bought 1 lb. lobster claw meat before, you might not know how much it can make. One pound goes a long way. On average, 1 lb. of lobster claw meat comes from 5 lobsters. It’s the same amount of meat we pack with our lobster roll kits, which make 6 heaping lobster rolls for the whole family. Or you can pair your fresh lobster claw meat with any number of our lobster side dishes for a classic New England dinner experience you only find in the Northeast.

Nutritional Benefits

Are Lobsters the Next Superfood?

Lobster claw meat offers a host of beneficial health qualities similar to other “superfoods.” Lobster is an excellent source of protein, offering 19 grams of protein per 3.5 oz. serving.

Lobster also contains a healthy dose of vitamins B3, B6, and B12 to support metabolism and cognitive function. It’s an excellent source of the antioxidant selenium which prevents cellular damage and is high in zinc to boost immunity. Like other seafood we sell, lobster also contains omega-3 fatty acids that help lower inflammation and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fresh Lobster Claw Meat - 1 lb


Schedule Deliveries and Earn FREE Shipping

Maine Lobster Now offers the best price on shipping lobster claw meat and more of our lobster best-sellers.

You can also schedule your seafood delivery ahead of time. At checkout, you can choose the day you want your food delivered to ensure you have the freshest possible seafood at your door on the day you need it.

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Storage & Thawing

Simple Instructions for Storing and Thawing Lobster

We’ll help you keep your lobster claw meat at the highest quality possible.

  • Use or freeze directly after delivery.
  • Keep frozen at or below 0℉.
  • Thaw under refrigeration at or below 38℉.
  • For quick thawing, place frozen package in cool water for 20 to 30 minutes until contents are flexible.
  • Once thawed, immediately use or refrigerate.
  • Do not allow food to warm above 38℉ prior to cooking.

Notice: Frozen items shipped with fresh lobster meat are expected to thaw in transit.

Cooking Lobster

Preparing Lobster Claw Meat Is Easy

If you’ve never purchased or cooked lobster meat before, you’re in good hands. We’re here to help.

  • Your lobster claw meat is already fully cooked by our team of professionals. You can eat it straight out of the package, like in a delicious Maine- or Connecticut-style lobster roll.
  • Lobster claw meat also goes great in any number of main entrees families make at home. Use it in tacos, pasta dishes, and more. Use our handy lobster cooking guide and explore our lobster recipe pages to discover all the great ways to enjoy lobster claw meat.

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You get what you pay for folks

You get what you pay for folks! Tired of store bought nasty lobster, that smells and taste dead even though it is? I ordered ten of these tails for dinner and they were awesome! They were frozen but tasted pretty fresh, I'm excited to try the live ...

Diamond Cavazos Rivas


WOW! Truly awesome, fresh food and excellent shipping logistics!!! Everything was as advertised! Will buy from you again! Keep up the good work. Thanks!


Great experience with ordering my first…

Great experience with ordering my first fresh seafood order. Had a bit of quirk trying to order online but actually more comfortable ordering by person to get my order right. I was given very helpful advice on what to order and serving size for a din...

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