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Jumbo Lobster Tails

Giant Lobster Tails

OVERSIZED North Atlantic Lobster Tails 14oz - 16oz

 $49.99 / Each
Save: 50% off

HUGE North Atlantic Lobster Tails 16oz - 20oz

 $64.99 / Each
Save: 50% off

JUMBO North Atlantic Lobster Tails 20oz - 24oz

 $84.99 / Each
Save: 53% off

GIANT North Atlantic Lobster Tails 24oz - 28oz

 $109.99 / Each
Save: 50% off

Is this your first time ordering big lobster tails? No problem at all! If you want to learn how to cook lobster tails at home we have a great resource in our cooking section. If you are really feeling frisky you can learn how to butterfly a lobster tail just like the pictures! We can help you get it done right!

Giant Lobster Tails

For many Maine seafood lovers, a big lobster tail is their favorite part of the lobster because the meat there is the sweetest! But sometimes, we all need a treat! Impress your guests with something they have never seen before, a giant lobster tail. These lobster tails are from lobsters in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. These are commonly referred to as cold water lobster tails.

Order jumbo lobster tails from us online, and we’ll ship them to your door. You’ll get big lobster tails that are flash frozen right away to lock in that sweet lobster taste. They are also wild caught and antibiotic free, so what you’re getting when you order from us are the cleanest, healthiest and freshest lobster tails in the world.

Every giant lobster tail delivery comes with detailed cooking instructions to educate you on best practices, so the tails won’t stick to the shells when cooked. We walk you through how to create monster lobster tails as pictured so you can impress your family and friends, and we have detailed instructions here for how you can butterfly a lobster tail! We also offer place mats that have instructions for cracking and eating your lobster tails, Maine sea salt, and lobster bibs -- everything you need for a giant lobster tail feast

So take a look at the huge lobster tail delivery options we offer, and order online today. We think you’ll love our fresh and delicious jumbo lobster tails so much, you’ll become another one of our many repeat customers!