Proper Way to De-Shell and Eat a Whole Lobster

Proper Way to De-Shell and Eat a Whole Lobster

Imagine you're on vacation. You're in a new country, experiencing a new culture, seeing new sites, learning new customs.

You sit down at a restaurant and order a meal you've never heard of. Then the waiter comes back and plops a whole squid onto your plate — tentacles and all.

Horrified? Don't be. Seafood is the staple of a lot of international cuisines, and when you're traveling, you should embrace the unfamiliar. Besides, some well-seasoned calamari are not only delicious, but actually very easy to eat.

But what about lobster?

Ah, lobster. The crown jewel of so many seafood restaurants. And yet the terrorizer of so many eaters. It may look intimidating, especially when coupled with a new place, a waiter impatiently trying to help you order off a French menu or t

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