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Wild Caught Maine Lobster

Wild Caught Maine Lobster

At Maine Lobster Now we are committed to providing you the best Wild Caught Maine Lobster. This means the lobster are caught right off the coast of Maine and delivered to us directly from the lobster boats. We do not use pounded lobsters which can be from either Maine or Canada. Tidal lobster pounds started back in 1875 and were designed to store lobsters for peak season. The problem with the lobster pounds is that numerous lobsters live in a small space for months at a time. They are fed scraps, and often times eat the dead lobsters in the pound. These lobsters can catch shell disease (shown in picture) and antibiotics are required to stop the spread to the other lobsters in the pound. At Maine Lobster Now, we refuse to sell pounded lobsters. Some vendors consider these "fresh" because they do live in a saltwater environment. However, we do not consider these wild caught lobsters and we will not accept any pounded lobster for delivery to our customers.

We have been delivering lobsters locally for 30 years. We purchase directly from a select few local lobster men. The lobsters are immediately transferred to our cold saltwater tank for overnight storage. Lobsters are then boiled and picked for meat, delivered live to local businesses or shipped live to our customers all over the United State and Canada. Some of the most popular local seafood restaurants buy directly from us because they know we have the freshest wild caught Maine lobsters and the freshest hand-picked lobster meat. We supply The Lobster Shack at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Portland Lobster Company in downtown Portland and The Black Point Inn on Prouts Neck in Scarborough just to name a few.

We consider Wild Caught Maine Lobster from local lobster men to be the best. The lobster follow Maine Department of Marine Resources regulations which ensures the sustainability of the lobster population. We are also supporting our local and state economy by purchasing from Maine Lobster men instead of from Canadian wholesalers. At Maine Lobster Now we believe in Sustainable Seafood, Buying Locally and Humane Delivery.

We stand by our wild caught Maine Lobster and would be glad to answer any questions you have about our product. Our lobster tails, lobster meat, and lobster rolls come from Wild Caught Maine lobsters. Simply call us at 207-799-8222 and ask for Taylor or Matt to learn more about our tremendous product!

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