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Kinnealey Meats USDA Choice Hanger Steak - 7 oz

  • USDA Choice Black Angus
  • Wet Aged 28 Days or More
  • Greater Marbling for Better Flavor
  • Higher Quality “Wide Side” Cut
  • Each Steak is Individually Wrapped
  • Ships Frozen
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    Product Description

    Kinnealey Meats USDA Choice 7 oz. Hanger Steaks

    Maine Lobster Now is proud to serve Massachusetts staple Kinnealey Meats USDA Choice 7 oz. Hanger Steaks. Kinnealey Meats cuts these hangers from only the “wide side” of heavy Western Black Angus cattle to provide a superior cut of meat. Each 3.5 lb. hanger cut is wet-aged for a minimum of 28 days before its portioned into savory steaks. We individually wrap each steak to preserve freshness.

    Order Kinnealey Meats USDA Choice 7 oz. Hanger Steaks Online

    Kinnealey Meats 7 oz. Hanger Steaks are labeled USDA Choice. USDA Choice is widely used in restaurants nationwide thanks to its superior marbling, which makes for a more tender, mouthwatering bite. Hanger steaks were originally known as “butcher’s steaks,” because turn-of-the-century butchers would often keep these steaks knowing it was one of the most tender cuts available. Order your 7 oz. hanger steak today to taste the difference yourself.

    Cooking Kinnealey Meats USDA Choice 7 oz. Hanger Steaks

    Kinnealey Meats USDA Choice 7 oz. Hanger Steaks can be cooked using both dry and wet cooking methods. USDA Choice meats are great for grilling, frying, or roasting, and also great for stew or braising. These steaks are best prepared under medium heat and can become tough if exposed to dry heat for too long.

    In order to bring you a truly memorable seafood experience and keep our products as fresh as possible, all frozen items are shipped with gel packs or dry ice. Dry ice is not hazardous to food and will not contaminate it. In fact, these cooling methods, alongside our own nitrogen freezing process, help keep your seafood at ideal temperatures during shipping and ensure they taste just like they are fresh from the dock.

    Notice: Keep frozen, thaw under refrigeration.
    Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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    What Our Customers Say

    You get what you pay for folks

    You get what you pay for folks! Tired of store bought nasty lobster, that smells and taste dead even though it is? I ordered ten of these tails for dinner and they were awesome! They were frozen but tasted pretty fresh, I'm excited to try the live ...

    Diamond Cavazos Rivas

    Lobsters arrived alive and had the…

    Lobsters arrived alive and had the great Maine flavor. Pachaging and cooking inzdx tructions were great!! Can't wait to order again.

    Nelsen Jorgensen Verified Buyer

    Fresh and quick

    Fresh and quick

    SANDRA OLSEN Verified Buyer
    Packaging Graphic