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Large Sea Scallops - 10/20 - 1 lb

Large Sea Scallops - 10/20 - 1 lb

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Harvested from the cold Atlantic Ocean, all ocean scallops have a succulent sweet texture and are 100% white meat. What does 10/20 mean? It means that there are approximately 10-20 scallops in a pound, and they are perfect for sauteing and broiling! They can also be pan seared, marinated, used in kabobs or just serve them with melted butter. Scallops are high in protein and low in fat. Scallops are an excellent compliment to any seafood dish. Buy scallops online day or night and schedule a home delivery today!

Scallops sold by the pound, we recommend 1 lb per person for a main course, and half a pound per person as a side.

Still have questions about scallops? Check out our Quick Scallop Guide to find out more!
What is a dry scallop?
This Box Includes:
  • North Atlantic Sea Scallops
  • Cooking Instructions
  • Friends and Family Coupons
  • Lobster Magnet
  • Model: SCALLOPS-10-20

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Large Sea Scallops - 10/20 - 1 lb