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Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable seafood takes into consideration the long term viability of a fish species relative to fishing techniques and environmental factors. Currently, the Maine Lobster stocks are not over-fished. Strict regulations relative to size limits, egg bearing females, commercial licenses and recreational licenses have all increased the population of Maine Lobsters in the Gulf of Maine. Maine Lobster is truly a sustainable product and you can feel good about including it in your family’s diet.

Because we purchase our lobsters from local Maine Fisherman, you know that our lobster is responsibly harvested. Local lobsterman must follow Maine Commercial Fishing regulations which has helped the Gulf of Maine Lobster stocks to reach their current abundance. You also know that every live lobster for sale comes from the clean, productive waters of the Gulf of Maine region and we harvested with a commitment to sustainability. We believe it is important to know where your seafood comes from and for each of us to do our part to ensure the future of our oceans.

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