Maine Lobster Now's Sustainability Education Scholarship

Maine Lobster Now's Sustainability Education Scholarship

Maine Lobster Now is proud to offer students a one-time, $2,500 scholarship as part of our new higher education initiative.

The Details

The DetailsMaine Lobster Now is the premiere online seller of live, fresh, and frozen seafood items. We ship live lobsters overnight to homes anywhere in the U.S., as well as fresh and frozen lobsters, crab, fish, shellfish, steaks, and much more.

Because of our role in the seafood industry, maintaining clean waterways and sourcing our seafood sustainably and responsibly is critical to the long-term survival of not only the lobster industry, but all seafood sources. The Maine Lobster Now Sustainability Education Scholarship endeavors to prepare a new generation of sustainably-minded leaders to build a brighter future in communities across the country. Find out more about the Maine Lobster Now scholarship below.

Who's Eligible?

Maine Lobster Now's $2,500 Sustainability Education Scholarship is open to all current U.S. high school seniors going to college and all current U.S. college attendees with at least one year left in their education in any field of study.

How to Apply

Simply email [email protected] with your first and last name, email address, the college or university you are attending, grade level, and anticipated or current field of study. With your application, attach a one (1) page essay (single-spaced) discussing the importance of sustainability in your life and the community around you, and/or the impacts sustainability may have on your future.

Maine Lobster Now scholarship deadline for submissions is April 1, 2022. The winner will be announced in May 2022.

More About Maine Lobster Now

Maine Lobster Now is the premiere online destination for shipping live lobster right to your front door, as well as delivering other fresh and frozen lobster products, like king crab legs, fish, shellfish, steaks, and much more. We're also recognized as a top online business in Maine to help contribute and grow the local seafood industry in the state.

We work directly with lobstermen and women, and follow all state laws and regulations to ethically and sustainably source our Maine lobsters to help maintain the regional population of this seafood favorite for generations to come. Learn more about Maine Lobster Now here.

Rules and Regulations

One entry per student, per year. Each $2,500 scholarship is non-renewable. Applications and essays will be reviewed by Maine Lobster Now staff on an objective and non-discriminatory basis. Any essay found to plagiarize a published author's work without proper citation will be automatically disqualified. 

The winner will be notified by the email address they provided. Other applicants will not be notified. Winning student must show proof of enrollment to receive scholarship payment. The scholarship must be used by that student and cannot be transferred to another student or person. The scholarship will be disbursed directly to the school on behalf of the student, unless the school states otherwise. Payment must be used for tuition and used for that academic school year.