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Mayonnaise - 8 ounce

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Get the right mayonnaise for your seafood rolls every time. Order this individual 8 oz. jar of premium Hellmann’s mayonnaise. It is the only mayo we would ever want to include in our lobster roll and crab roll kits. Discover the amazing taste of Hellmann’s today!

Making Your Own Lobster Rolls

Although we offer lobster roll kits that come straight to your door, we know some customers like to put together their own lobster roll ingredients and order them individually. If that is your preference, be certain to include Hellmann’s mayo on the list.

Hellmann’s mayonnaise plays a significant role in the creation of lobster rolls and crab rolls. Check out the many ways you can plan to use Hellmann’s mayo as you put together your lobster roll sandwiches:

  • Spread a thin layer of Hellmann’s mayonnaise on your lobster roll buns before toasting them in the oven or broiler, or placing them on the grill. This will bring out the sugars in the bread, causing the outer layer to brown evenly. You will be so happy with the results that you might just never use butter again as a pre-toast or pre-grill spread.
  • Spread butter on the inside of the lobster roll bun. Then, cover the layer of butter with a layer of mayonnaise. Finally, top the sandwich with lobster or crab meat just lightly tossed with a bit of Hellmann’s mayo. The double-punch of mayo will add just enough moisture to the sandwich without clinging too much to the seafood.
  • Stir herbs and seasonings into your Hellmann’s mayo before spreading it on your lobster roll buns or adding it to your lobster meat. Have fun with assorted flavors and incorporate your favorites into the mayo prior to serving. Be sure to taste-test the resulting mayo and adjust as needed to elicit exactly the flavors you want.
  • Create a mayonnaise-based dip to serve alongside your lobster or crab rolls. Your family and friends can use the dip for their Cape Cod potato chips or veggies that you have cut up for them to munch on.

Once you try Hellmann’s mayonnaise, you will see why it has become a favorite at Maine Lobster Now!

Bring a Taste of Maine to Your Kitchen

Feel like you need a little something special to transform your kitchen from so-so to spectacular? Breathe new life into all your meals by having favorite foods from New England available. For instance, you can order a supply of lobster claw meat or a crab roll kit for six. Having new, fresh, great-tasting items to choose from can turn even the simplest of Wednesday meals into something to talk about!

Place your order of Hellmann’s 8-oz. jar of mayo and other items today and have everything shipped right to your home.

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What Our Customers Say

You get what you pay for folks

You get what you pay for folks! Tired of store bought nasty lobster, that smells and taste dead even though it is? I ordered ten of these tails for dinner and they were awesome! They were frozen but tasted pretty fresh, I'm excited to try the live ...

Diamond Cavazos Rivas
188 days ago

When I opened the package it was well…

When I opened the package it was well protected and intact. The Lobster was better than I had expected. The meat was in large chunks and very moist. I will be visiting again. Thank You for your quality.

Bill Thurn Verified Buyer
187 days ago

Absolutely the best!!!

Absolutely the best!!!! The lobsters were fresh and delicious! The steamers were awesome and I would highly recommend to anyone that loves fresh seafood!!!!

Deborah Verified Buyer
194 days ago
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