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How to Prepare Lobster

Cooking Lobster From Maine
  • A lobster's natural color is black or brown. It is common to expect lobster to arrive red, this is not true. Lobsters only turn red when they are cooked. Live Lobsters can be as dark as black depending on the time of year and the last time the lobster molted.
  • Only cooked lobsters turn bright red.
  • Your lobsters should look healthy and lively with tails straight and claws up. Sometimes lobsters get tired from the cold temperature or traveling, but at the very least the small legs underneath should be moving.
  • If you have a lobster that is not moving, set it aside for a couple minutes to see if it starts to move. If your Maine lobster does not revive and is certainly dead, than do not cook the lobster and let us know as soon as you discover the loss.
  • Please email us with your invoice number along with photos of any damaged, spoiled, or unusable items.
  • Before you begin cooking any live lobster, please place the lobsters in the freezer for 10-20 minutes to kill the lobsters in a humane fashion. This way they do not feel any pain.

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