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  1. A Taste of Lobster History

    A Taste of Lobster History

    The History of Lobster

    Today, often when lobster is thought of, Maine Lobster comes to mind. But did you know that lobsters were being consumed in Europe before anyone sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas? Well, it’s true. Evidence has been found that yes, in fact, lobsters were being consumed in Europe before America was even found! When the British settlers first sailed to New England, there were so many lobsters off the coast that they didn’t even need to dive for them or catch them. After storms, they would simply wash up onto the shore. Literally hundreds of lobsters would wash onto the shore in piles. The settlers picked up quickly that these animals would spoil fast if they weren’t cooked and consumed fast enough. As time proceeds during this time, lobster was identified as a source of quick protein.

    Lobsters were so plentiful at this time that Native Americans would use them to fertilize their crops and bait their fishing hooks. Native Americans would

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  2. Quick Scallop Guide

    Quick Scallop Guide

    Our Guide to Types and Sizes of Scallops

    Here at Maine Lobster Now we have decided to expand our options for the always popular Sea Scallops

    We would like to provide some information about these intricate creatures.
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  3. How to Make the Best Lobster Eggs Benedict | Maine Lobster Now

    How to Make the Best Lobster Eggs Benedict | Maine Lobster Now

    Mother's Day is the most popular day for dining out in the United States. Avoid the long lines at restaurants and give your mom something special this year: a Maine style brunch that is sure to impress. 

    Lobster Eggs Benedict combines the elements of a traditional eggs Benedict, including creamy, tart Hollandaise Sauce, jammy eggs, and the crunch of perfectly toasted bread, with thick pieces of sweet, juicy lobster meat. It is the perfect brunch dish.

    Step by Step Instructions to make a perfect Lobster Eggs Benedict

    This recipe serves 4 people. It is easy to double or even triple if needed.

    Start by making the Hollandaise Sauce. 

    Hollandaise Sauce Ingredients:

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