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  1. How to Host a Maine Lobster Bake This Summer

    How to Host a Maine Lobster Bake This Summer

    An outdoor Maine lobster bake with friends makes for a laid back, memorable evening in the summertime. Is there anything better than delicious food and good company? We definitely don't think so. The best part is that it is easy to prepare and cleanup, but looks and tastes like a gourmet endeavor. It doesn't matter where you live in the U.S., Maine Lobster Now can deliver lobster caught right off of the Maine coast directly to your doorstep.

    Hosting a Maine Lobster Bake

    A traditional lobster bake is steamed in a pot with seaweed and an assortment of other proteins, vegetables, and spices. This can be done over a fire on the beach or on a stove top at home. Because it only requires one pot, it is really easy to host a Maine lobster bake wherever you please. These are the steps to follow and some things to consider as you make your plans. 
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  2. Mother's Day Recipes for a New England Style Brunch

    Mother's Day Recipes for a New England Style Brunch

    A delicious meal is a great way to spend time, make memories and celebrate your loves ones. It is no coincidence that Mother's Day ends up being one of the busiest days for restaurants every year. This year, why not make time with family extra special by cooking a homemade meal. Nothing says you care like the additional thought that this gesture requires. You can make something you know everyone will love and provide a comfortable atmosphere that you just can't quite get at a restaurant. You'll all feel like you are vacationing in Maine as you delve into these dishes, which can each be made with lobster or crab from Maine Lobster Now.

    6 Maine Inspired Mother's Day Recipes

    Whether you want to whip up an early brunch or a gourmet dinner, these six seafood recipes are sure to please.

    1. Brown Butter Lobster with Kale Pesto Polenta and Cherry Tomato Bacon Pan Sauce

    This recipe provides
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  3. The Best Lobster Grilled Cheese

    The Best Lobster Grilled Cheese

    MAINE LOBSTER NOW LOBSTER GRILLED CHEESE RECIPE Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes SERVES: 4 (Makes 4 sandwiches) Is there nothing quite as perfect as a grilled cheese sandwich? The image alone of gooey, melty cheese sandwiched between two slices of perfectly toasted buttered bread is enough to make one’s stomach call out in pangs of hunger. So here’s the challenge…How do you take an as-is perfect toasty sandwich and make it maybe, just one hundred and fifty times better? Simple: just add cooked fresh lobster meat. The contrast between our fresh, rich, buttery, fluffy, sweet lobster meat and melty, slightly tangy sharp cheddar (not to mention crunchy, salty buttery bread) is a beautiful thing. Think of it as a Down East twist on the classic that allows you to get more mileage out of your lobster meat—this recipe yields four generous sandwiches, and if you add a cold, crisp pickle spear, some potato chips,

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  4. A Taste of Lobster History

    A Taste of Lobster History

    The History of Lobster

    Today, often when lobster is thought of, Maine Lobster comes to mind. But did you know that lobsters were being consumed in Europe before anyone sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas? Well, it’s true. Evidence has been found that yes, in fact, lobsters were being consumed in Europe before America was even found! When the British settlers first sailed to New England, there were so many lobsters off the coast that they didn’t even need to dive for them or catch them. After storms, they would simply wash up onto the shore. Literally hundreds of lobsters would wash onto the shore in piles. The settlers picked up quickly that these animals would spoil fast if they weren’t cooked and consumed fast enough. As time proceeds during this time, lobster was identified as a source of quick protein.

    Lobsters were so plentiful at this time that Native Americans would use them to fertilize their crops and bait their fishing hooks. Native Americans would

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  5. Life of a Mother Lobster

    Life of a Mother Lobster

    As lobster lovers, we don't only want to give you the best information possible about how tasty lobsters can be. We also want to provide a better understanding of the lobster as a species. Why? Because understanding leads to respect, which helps us all to better care for lobster populations and habitats. This will ensure that we can continue to enjoy them well into the future. The role of mother is a big deal for any species. While that role and the life cycles of many animals are often common knowledge, others are more mysterious— this includes crustaceans like the lobster. We can take some of the mystery about the mother lobster away, and answer some questions, including: How does a lobster come into the world? What does a female lobster do throughout this process? When and why is it illegal to keep a female lobster after catching one? Here is a run down on how to identify a female lobster, what the beginning life cycle of a lobster looks like, and why it is illegal

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