Maine Vs. Canadian Lobsters

Maine Vs. Canadian Lobsters


The American Lobster known as the “Homarus Americanus”, is a species of lobster found in the Atlantic coast of North America.

It is also known as Canadian Lobster, True Lobster, Northern Lobster, Canadian Reds, or Maine Lobster.

The American Lobster thrives in cold, shallow waters where there are many rocks and other places to hide from predators. Homarus Americanus typically live at a depth of 13-164 feet under water but they can be found up to 1,500 feet below the surface! They’re known for their sweet flavor, tender meat, giant claws & hard shells. Formerly known as the “poor mans food” to now, a luxury, special occasion, treat yourself kind of food!

Before I begin speaking about the differences between a Maine Lobster and a Canadian Lobster, I want to address something I believe most people do not know about Maine and Canadian Lobsters, as well as it being a very common question Maine Lobster Now receives weekly. That question is, “Are Maine Lobsters and Canadian Lobsters different?” That answer is a big NO. Canadian Lobsters and Maine Lobsters are both “Homarus Americanus”. Although they’re the same species, they do have distinct differences which I will clarify below.


The Difference Between Different Lobsters
The Difference Between Different Lobsters



Maine Lobsters

In the United States the Lobster industry is regulated. Every fisher is required to use a lobster gauge to measure the distance from the lobster’s eye socket to the end of its carapace. If the lobster is less than 3.25 inches long, it is too young to be sold and must be released back to the sea to help regulate and maintain a healthy stock of lobsters for the future. There is also a legal maximum size of 5 inches in Maine, meant to ensure the survival of a healthy breeding stock of adult males. Meaning, we do not sell lobsters over 5 inches because they’re great for

breeding which falls back on helping regulate and maintain a healthy stock of lobsters.

Maine has warmer waters than Canada which results in Maine Lobsters being a little softer than Canadians. With the water being a bit warmer but not too warm, this allows for a better tasting lobster and the meat being more tender. With the Maine waters being warmer causing the Lobsters shell to not be as firm as a Canadians, the transit life of a Maine lobster is 24-48 hours after leaving the water. Thus Maine Lobster Now specializing in overnight shipments of fresh, flavorful, Maine Lobsters.


Canadian Lobsters

Canadian Lobsters live in colder waters allowing their shells to get much harder than Maine Lobsters. With their shells being harder the meat from a Canadian Lobster is less sweet and tender. Canadian Lobsters having a harder shell allows for them to survive out of water for 48-72 hours. With Canadian Lobsters having a longer life out of the water most areas that do not have easy access to real Maine Lobsters like Maine Lobster Now does, choose to buy and sell Canadians solely for the fact that they can live longer after being caught and distributed. Most lobsters people commonly see at your local grocery store are Canadian Lobsters for that reason. With the Canadian Lobsters commonly sold in your local market/grocery store, this calls for a very high demand of lobsters, which means a large portion of the lobsters that are distributed around the world come from a lobster pound. Pounded Lobsters are not nearly as healthy and carry antibiotics to keep them alive and “healthy”. Don’t get me wrong, pounded lobsters are still good but they do have their downfalls which is why Maine Lobster Now chooses to stick with our local, WILD CAUGHT, Maine Lobsters.

Canadian Lobstermen do not go out on their boats during the summer months due to the water temperate changing. Canadian fishermen & distributors “tube” lobsters and store them to keep them alive. Doing this is not good. When lobsters are “tubed” this means they’re stored in a tube, not growing which means the meat inside the lobster decreases the longer it is tubed, basically dwindling away to nothing. For example, you could be ordering a 1.5lb Live Lobster that on average gives you just under a pound of meat from a healthy Maine Lobster but a 1.5lb Canadian Tubed Lobster will give you much less than 1lb of meat and it wont taste nearly as good and cost you relatively the same price as a delicious Maine Lobster.  Lastly, Canadian Lobsters are shipped WITH bait where Maine Lobsters DO NOT ship with bait. Shipping lobsters with bait leaves a horridly, unpleasant fishy smell to the lobsters before being cooked and even after being cooked.


Comparing Maine to Canadian Lobsters

Overall, Maine Lobsters win the taste test every time. Maine Lobsters are not shipped with bait allowing the before and after experience of cooking the lobsters much more enjoyable without having to bear the nose plugging scent from a Canadian Lobster shipped with bait. Maine Lobsters are easier to break into compared to an extremely hard shelled Canadian Lobster resulting in the overall experience of cooking and eating a Lobster much easier when you’re eating a Maine Lobster. Canadian Lobsters are sold everywhere resulting in a Maine Lobster being more of a “rare” lobster due to them not being sold everywhere because of their limited life after being taken out of the water in turn makes them more of a luxury rather than a convenience.

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